Balloons and Minions

Balloons and Minions

Ballons and Minions are a popular setup for trophy hunting. It’s an easy to use, yet powerfull setup. The strategy is similar to our Balloon Strategy, but includes minions. It’s a well known and much used strategy, even at 2600+ trophy league. Compared to the balloon strategy this setup is faster to train as we use the dark brackets aswell. The training time of minions are 45 seconds, so it really speeding up the progress. They cost 8 dark elixir each, which is not alot – but its still dark elixir.

General Information

Balloons and Minions strategy allow you to do heavy attacks often, compated to its strenght. The mix of heavy damage and quick units make this setup very good and successful even in the high leauges. The balloons have an movement speed of 10, while the minions has a movement speed of totally 32! The minions health is on the other hand quite low, but the housing space is only 2, which means you can make a lot of them. While the balloons prioritize defending buildings, the minions will damage anything that is close.

Attack Strategy

The Balloons and minion attack is based on air units. That means we don’t have to mind mortars and canons. Our worst enemy is the air defense and thats the buildings we should try to take down first. Try to choose bases where these can be taken out quick. The shaman towers can also be a pain as they will slay alot of your minions quickly. Consider to use spells when needed. I suggest healing spells close to shaman towers to refill your units health, rage spells to take down crowded defense buildings quickly, or lightening spells to take out air defenses, without loosing your units.

The Balloons and Minions can be sent out together, or spread around the base. An idea can be to send the minions in first, and then send in your ballons, so that the air defenses get busy hitting minions instead of balloons. But remember that the minions should be used to clear the base and take down buildings after the balloons have taken down all the defensive buildings. The minions are quick and they do some nice damage as a crowd. They are perfect for clearing up the base when the clock is ticking!

Suggested setup:

28 x balloons
50 x minions.

Remove or add as your able to with your current level of camps.

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Video about Balloons and Minions

I’ve added this video about balloons and minions strategy. It’s a fight at 2600+ trophies.