Hog Rider Attack Strategy

Hog Rider

Hog RiderThe Hog Rider attack is a popular and powerfull strategy. It requires some knowledge to use, but with its power, its definitely worth learning. Your troop will mainly consist of Hog Riders, and this troop should be used if you want to farm trophies and get into the high-end leagues. The setup costs alot of Dark Elixir, so will not be able to spend that on other than your troops while using this strategy. If your goal is to farm resources, you should try one of the cheaper strategies. For example the Barbarian-Archer or BAM.

When you train this troop, go for 15 barbarians and the rest should be Hog Riders. Your clan castle should be filled with Wizards. This is important as your wizards will be used to clear out the enemy clan castle, hero and queen.

When you use the Hog Rider attack Strategy, your first task is to empty the enemy Clan Castle. Do that with your 15 barbarians. First, simply agro and drag the enemy troop out of the clan castle and to an very edge of the map. Then spawn the rest of your barbarians and your clan castle (at this point, also consider to use your hero and archer queen). This should basicly oneshot the enemy troop (clan castle). When these units are cleared, you should simply spawn all of your hog riders. Use healing spells when they reach 50% to fill them back up to 100%. Check out the video below for a full explaination and usefull tips.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strength of this setup, is that the Hog Riders ignore walls. You dont have to mind the high level walls of your enemies, as your troop will simply jump over them. They also deal quite alot of damage and with a few healing spells they will survive for the whole battle.

The weakness of this setup is that it takes a while to produce a full troop of Hog Riders. It takes 2 minutes to train a Hog Rider, but compared to the normal Barracks, you only have 2 Dark Barracks. It’s also weakness that it will use most of your Dark Elixir. You should also be aware that this strategy requires high level Hog Riders.

Which bases to attack

As mentioned already, you shouldnt be scared of the enemies walls. Your troop will simply jump over them. Try to find bases where you can drag out and empty the Clan Castle.  A Clan Castle full of Wizards could wipe your whole troop off in seconds.

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Videos about the Hog Rider attack strategy

This video explain how to use the Hog Rider attack strategy in details.