Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game where you fight against other players. It is an very popular and addictive game you play to imporve your village. The fun part is that people can aim for diffirent achivements while playing. Some people play to get in an high level leauge with alot of trophies, while others play to build up and level their village quick. Either way you will need a strategy and a plan to achive your goals.

Building Strategy

If you want to level up your village as fast as possible, you should probably make a plan of which buildings you want to upgrade first. It is not a golden recipe of this plan, as it depends on your gamestyle. Are you a passive player that collect your resources once a day, or are you an very active player that do loads of attacks every day to get as many resources as possible?

Our golden rule either way if your doing loads of attacks or just collect resources once a day is to always level up your resource-collectors first. This will bring you a steady income of resources for the rest of your Clash of Clans journey.

Second tip, is to protect your resource storages with defensive buildings in middle of your base. If you lose your resources, it will take longer time till you can upgrade your buildings.

Third tip, is to use the beneficial of your shields after you get attacked. If you know you dont have time to do more than a few attacks, consider to skip these attacks and leave the shield on.

Attack Strategy

It’s loads of diffirent attack strategies out there. Which you should go for, depends on what your goal is. Do you want to get high in trophies or do you just want to collect the enemies resources and leave? Some attack strategies will probably work for both, while others are better at one of the examples.

We have listed up diffirent attack strategies on the front page of our Clash of Clans site. You should check that for an updated list. Here are some of our attack strategies as of today:

  • Barbarian and Archer : This strategy is ace if you want to do attacks very often against low rated bases. Specially if the resource storages are badly defended. Because Barbarians and Archers are very fast to create, you can do this attack over and over again in a short period of time. This strategy is highly suggested if you want to play alot – and get tons of resources.
  • BAM Farming Strategy : This isalso an very awsome farming strategy that will bring you loads of resources in a short amount of time. It includes the dark barracks – so it will get your troop ready, even faster than the Barb-Archer strategy.
  • Balloons Attack Strategy :This setup is very quite expensive but also very powerfull. It will get you up in a high trophy leauge. At the higher leagues it require that you have a high level of ballons. It’s a fun setup to play, it’s not very difficult and you will get entertained by loads of ballons destroying the enemy base.
  • Balloons and Minions Strategy : This is an enchanced setup of the previous setup. It includes the Dark Barracks which means that the troop will be ready in a shorter amount of time. This is also a very powerfull setup.
  • Dragon Attack : The dragon strategy is a simple and quite strong setup. It’s very easy to a pure dragon attack and you will destroy the enemy base with ease!

Trohpy Strategy

The only way to get a high number of trophies is to win battles against other players. You can use any of our strategies listed over to beat the enemy players. At higher leagues (trophy level) it will be way more dark elixirs in the enemy storages and some will also have quite huge gold and normal elixirs. But, remember that the battles will be harder than at low trophy level.

There is one way to get into 2200+ trophy leauge quick and easy. It doesnt require a huge troop and you will be able to attack as soon as the previous battle ended. The way I’m talking about is to go for the villages that leaves their town hall outside the walls. If you attack the undefended town hall with a few barbarians (use like 5), you will be ablet o do a new attack when the battle end. The trick is to keep hitting NEXT, untill you find a new enemy that has a undefended town hall.

Strategy Videos

Here’s a video that explain some very basic strategies of Clash of Clans

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