Town Hall Level 4 Strategy Guide

If you upgrade your equipment strategically and efficiently, you can quickly pass Town Hall 4 in Clash of Clans with ease. This guide will you provide you with the most efficient upgrading and building path for all of your structures. At this point in the game, unless you’ve bought gems or took your time trying to get the 1250 trophy achievement in Town Hall, you should still have two builders. Fortunately for this Town Hall level, two builders is all you need to adequately max your stats for a majority of your buildings while your research time completes.

Prioritizing Upgrades for Town Hall 4

The following upgrades should be completed in the specified order before you start on any other buildings, structures, or upgrades. Once completed, start on the second most important tasks in the order given.

Builder No.1 – Upgrade Laboratory – Upgrade Storage Structures

Your initial priority when you enter Town Hall 4 is to begin with Laboratory upgrades. Because the research required at this level takes so long to complete, it’s important that you upgrade the Laboratory early on so that you can begin your research sooner. Although upgrading your storage units early on may seem a bit strange, being proactive will pay off in the long run because it will allow you to hold more resources so that you may continue to farm for resources while your builders are occupied.

When one of your builders are available to work on something else, you have the option of using your remaining resources on improving your walls before starting on other upgrades. So by having your storage structures upgrade early on, you’ll greatly improve your ability to upgrade your walls in an efficient manner.

Builder No.2 – Place Walls – New Barracks – Barracks Level 2 – New Archer Tower – Fix Base – Upgrade Army Camps

Your second builder will be very occupied at Town Hall 4. To start, have the builder create new walls and spend any remaining resources on wall upgrades. Afterwards, the builder should build a brand new Barracks that will be upgraded to level two once completed. Following this, have your builder start on the new Archer Tower that became available at level 4. After the Archer Tower structure has begun, you may reorganize your base to form a more strategic farming defense position. Once you’ve repositioned your base to allow for the Archer Tower and new defensive walls, have your second builder begin upgrading all of your Army Camps to the highest level you can get them to.

Important Secondary Tasks for Town Hall 4

Once you have completed all of the primary tasks listed above, start on the following secondary priorities. Since it will only take you about a day to finish the first two projects, you should be able to start working towards Town Hall 5 with no problems.

1st Task: Upgrade the capacity of your Clan Castle.

The first thing you should concentrate on is upgrading your Clan Castle with one of your builders. By improving the strength of the building by 10 to 15 units, you’ll notice a tremendously big difference in durability.

2nd Task: Air Defense and Tower Stats

Your second priority should be to create an Air Defense Tower and increase all of your towers’ stats to the highest available level. Although upgrading your Air Defense tower to level two will take an entire day, upgrading the remaining towers to their full potential will only take about a day. To do this efficiently, have one of your builders concentrate on the Air Defense tower while your other builder focuses on upgrading the Archer Towers, Mortars, and Cannons.

3rd Task: Town Hall 5

After completing your second task, have one of your builders begin on working towards Town Hall 5 and use your other builder to upgrade your Barracks. Once your defensive towers have been upgraded all the way, begin upgrading to Town Hall 5. Because it takes around two days for Town Hall 5 to complete, you should begin this upgrade process before you’ve completely upgraded your other structures. During this time, utilize your remaining builder in improving your Barracks to their maximum level.

4th Task: Mine and Collectors

Once you’ve completed the upgrade process for your Barracks (this should finish before the Town Hall 5 upgrade), put your builders to work by making them build and upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors.