Dragon Attack

Dragon Attack Strategy


Dragons are the second last attack unit you learn to train in the Barracks. They require 20 housing space and deal high splash damage with their fire breath. While they are dealing alot of damage, they also have alot of health which make them quite superior. But at the other hand they have a very slow movement speed. They are flying in air so they are immune to ground defense buildings. Their worst enemy is the Air Defences which you should try to destroy as soon as possible if your using these flying units.

General Information

Dragons is a very strong troop unit and can be used at any range of the trophy leagues. The experience needed to use them is various and depends what setup you are going to use. Equal to the Balloon and Minion Strategy, walls are no challange, they simply fly over them. The negative thing about using this strategy to farm Resources is that they cost alot of elixir and which can be hard to gain back in every battle. But you will win most battles and gain alot of gold along the way! If you consider this as a problem, you should consider to use the BAM Farming Strategy.

Attack Strategy

You can use Dragons in alot of diffirent ways. Either in a mix with other units or as a pure Dragon Attack. Both are usefull and strong attack strategies. Because of their high health pool they can be used to tank damage from the enemy defensive buildings. But as already mentioned, you have to watch out for the Air Defenses. Consider to take these out with a Lighting Spell if they are hard to reach, or spawn your dragons so they destroy the building quickly. You can also take the Air Defence out with ground-troops or your Barbarian King or Archer Queen.

You should also try to lure the Queen Archer out from the base and kill it, before you spawn your Dragons. These will save your dragons for alot of trouble inside the base. The same goes for the Clan Castle if possible. On the other hand you dont have to mind their Barbarian King as he can not hurt flying units.

As a pure Dragon attack you should spawn your dragons in a group and zerg the base down. Rage Spells are very usefull to destroy buildings quickly and getting into the middle of the base – to destroy their Town Hall. You can also consider to use healing spells.

Suggested setup:

12 x Dragons (or as many you can create)

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Video about Dragon Attack

I’ve added a video to show you some examples of pure Dragon Attacks.