Fun Bases

Fun Bases

Randomly in Clash of Clans you will come across what we choosed to call fun bases. It is simply players that are drawing funny stuff with their buildings and walls to illustrate something. It can be diffirent logos or texts and hidden messages. Some of the common fun bases are the Batman logo, Flowers and Teddy bears, but only your mind is the limit and people use their creativety to create anything!

Some of the fun bases actually works while playing. Others use them while they have shields on so that they dont get attacked. If the resources/town hall are inside the walls, the base will most probably work as any other base.

Note that these pictures are not sorted after your town hall level. You can check our front page for base setups sorted after town hall level.

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Fun Bases

Fun base: Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear, Town Hall 10
Fun base: Butter Fly
Butter Fly, Town Hall 9
Fun base: Batman
Batman, Town Hall 9

Flower Square
Flower Square, Town Hall 9
Another Batman, Town Hall 9
Flower, Town Hall 9

Butter Fly
Another Butterfly, Town Hall 10