Barbarian and Archers strategy

Barbarian and Archers

barb-archersThe Barbarian and Archers strategy is used to farm loads of resources in short time. It’s one of the oldest strategies in the game and still amazing! The troop is fast to produce and let you attack rapidly. It’s perfect if you have some spare time and want to farm loads of resources.

You should create about 50-50% of Barbarians and Archers. It can also be good to create a few more archers than barbarians.

You can also add Wall Breakers to the Barbarian and Archers setup.

The idea is to let the barbarians tank damage while the archers stand behind and deal damage.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strenght of this setup is that you can do attacks very often and farm alot of resources in short time. The setup is strong compared to the price of the troop.

The weakness of this setup is definitely splash damage. Mortars and Wizard Towers is your biggest threat. To counter this you can consider to use Lightning Spell to take out Mortars or a Healing Spell to take out Wizard Towers. Simply spawn the Healing Spell on your troop next to the Wizard Tower to easily take them out.

Its often good to focus on one side of the base. Choose the side closest to the resources and with low splash damage. Drag a line of barbarians and then a line of archers. Repeat if needed. At lower level and small bases you can easily drag barbarians around the whole base and then rounds with archers and watch them eliminate the base from all sides.

Which bases to attack

First of all, dont be afraid of clicking “next”. If the enemy has low resources, just click next till you find a new one. Personally I dont take anyone with less 100.000+ resources/gold, unless I’m in a hurry.

Easy bases to attack, are these who line up their gold mines and elixir pumps in a line outside their walls. Simply drag a line of Barbarians and then a line of Archers and the resources will be yours!

You can also take the resources stored in middle of their base, but you have to be aware of their splash damage. Try to take them down first. Remember that you dont have to spawn all the Barbarians and Archers at once, you can send them in waves.

Overall this is great strategy to gain loads of resources. With boosted barracks you can easily farm 1.000.000+ gold and elixir in ONE hour.

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Videos about the barbarian and archers strategy

#1 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker. 405.000 gold / 406.000 elixir[youtube id=”rZUNC8NwUlc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#2 Barb/Archer + Rage Spell . 219.000 gold / 235.000 elixir[youtube id=”U2S5r-OQVtg” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#3 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker and Healing Spell . 180.000 gold / 177.000 elixir[youtube id=”O20bfEhu8C0″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

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