Top 3 tips for improving your eSports betting skills

Top 3 tips for improving your eSports betting skills

Betting on eSport, such as Clash of Clans, has become very popular and appreciated thanks to its availability. With the progress of eSports and the fact that betting on it has become as common as betting on any other sport, it has also received a great number of supporters.

eSport has taken the world by storm and not only in terms of audience and money, but the sport has also become very popular to bet on. This is true not only for this part of the world – eSports has become a global phenomenon present in various cultures. eSport is, for example, very present in Scandinavia, including Sweden, where more and more people are turning from classic investments to investing, or as they say in Swedish “investera”, their money in favorable eSports.

In the following guide, we will therefore share our best tips for those who want to get started with betting on Clash of Clans or any other popular eSport.

Get acquainted with the eSport

A first tip is to get acquainted with the game or games you are going to bet on. This includes being able to answer questions such as: What are the primary goals of the games? What are the key elements to keep in mind? What ways are there to score points?

Except being able to answer questions such as those above, you also need to learn more about the different teams involved in the games. The more you learn, the better you can become at figuring out which odds that can provide extra value.

Fortunately, there are huge amounts of information to gather about eSports online – such as

Claim a betting bonus

Betting bonuses are gifts from gambling operators which gamblers can use to improve their winnings at betting sites. Usually, these betting bonuses are given out as deposit bonuses, which means that your first bonus is maximized and sometimes multiplied so that you can place more bets.

Before you claim a betting bonus, be aware of the wagering requirements that more than often comes with such bonuses. Wagering requirements are requirements that mean that you must wager the money that you have won through a bonus a set number of times before you can withdraw them.

Since there are tons of betting sites out there, there are also tons of betting bonuses to claim. To make sure you find the best one, we recommend you compare bonuses from different operators.

Try out live betting

Live betting on eSports with odds that change in real-time is something that is becoming more common. 1X2 odds-, and odds-on which team will win the next map are the most common types of live betting options available.

To be able to live bet on eSports it is however important that you make sure that you can stream the current match or tournament. You should also make sure that you can livestream the content without any delays, otherwise, you might not be up to date with how to place your bets.