Town Hall Level 8 Strategy Guide

Town Hall 8

The Town Hall Level 8 upgrade is huge, and gives you access to a plethora of new buildings, and a large amount of upgrades. Defenses are the focus of Town Hall Level 8 though, with a large amount of building and troop upgrades, as well as additional defensive buildings. This upgrade also gives you access to another Dark Elixir Drill and Dark Barracks, so that you can begin to start producing more Dark Elixir Troops. There’s also a lot more Traps to place and upgrade, as well as a new one called the Skeleton Trap.

The first thing you’ll want to do now that you’re Town Hall Level 8 is place the additional Dark Elixir Drill, and work to upgrade both of your Drills to level 3. Next you’ll want to upgrade your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors to level 12, as well as place your new Gold and Elixir Storages. It’s important to upgrade those until you can carry at least 3 million Gold and Elixir respectively.

It’s now time to change focus to working on the Defense of your castle, which you can start on by placing the additional 50 walls you unlocked at Town Hall Level 8. Make sure all of your walls are at least level 6 (purple), with some of your interior at level 7 (dark purple). It’s next time to upgrade your Cannons and Archer Towers; this Town Hall upgrade lets you upgrade both your Cannons and Archer Towers to level 10. After upgrading your Cannons and Archer Towers to level 10, it’s now time to upgrade your Wizard Towers to level 6, you’ll notice how much more useful they’ll become.

Town Hall 8

Traps become much more lethal at Town Hall Level 8, and with the amount of upgrades you unlock, it’s important to focus on this aspect if your defenses. First, place the 2 Spring Traps, 1 Giant Bomb, 2 Air Bombs, 1 Seeking Air Mine and the new Skeleton Traps that you’ve just unlocked. It’s important to make sure your traps are upgraded, as they’ll do significantly more damage and can be the driving force that keeps people from being able to get 3 stars on your castle. Make sure to upgrade your new Skeleton Traps to level 2, as well as your Bombs to level 5, these now do a significant amount of damage.

Hidden Teslas also begin to play a huge role, as you can now place 3 of these. It’s important to upgrade your 3 Teslas as well, ensure they’re at least level 5. It’s also important to think about saving up your Elixir as at the next Town Hall level your get access to X-Bows, which will revolutionize your defenses.

Working on your army for Town Hall Level 8 gives you access to P.E.K.K.A.S.’s which will destroy clan on their own. You may also want to think about upgrading multiple of your Town Halls to Level 8, as you could produce multiple Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.S.’s at the same time. In addition to the barracks upgrade, you can also upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 4.

Having both your Dark Barracks at level 4 will give you access to two new troops, the Valkyrie and Golem. Using all these new troops that you’ve acquired with your new Level 8 Town Hall basically ensures victory on the battlefield, as long as your troops are upgraded.

The last thing to do is upgrade your troops, Town Hall Level 8 gives you access to a Level 6 Laboratory, which will make your army significantly stronger. That is because this upgraded Laboratory lets you upgrade every single troop unit again. Upgrading every single unit would take too long, and would cost far too much. Because of this we’ve narrowed it down to 6 united that need to be upgraded. The most important two, and most costly are P.E.K.K.A.’s and Dragons. P.E.K.K.A.’s are already extremely powerful, but upgrading them to level 3 makes them unstoppable. Dragons are the same, upgrading them to level 3 makes them turn into a force to be reckoned with. Besides these two units, it may also be important to upgrade the Healer to level 3, the Lightning Spell (or whichever you use) to level 5, Valkyries to level 2, and finally upgrading Golems to level 2. These upgrades should leave you with an unstoppable army and impenetrable defenses.