Town Hall Level 7 Strategy Guide

Town Hall 7

Upgrading your Town Hall to Level 7 is a huge feat, and allows access to a plethora of new buildings and upgrades. The sheer amount of new buildings and upgrades can leave some Clash of Clans players at an impasse, unsure of what the next move should be. This guide will solve that problem, offering advice on what to upgrade and when; you’ll be upgrading your Town Hall to Level 8 in no time.

The most important upgrade at level 7 is the addition of Dark Elixir. Placing the Dark Elixir Drill and Dark Elixir Storage is a great first step as gaining Dark Elixir is a very slow task. The reason for jumping into Dark Elixir right away is because you also get access to the Dark Barracks as well at Town Hall Level 7. A level 1 Dark Barracks gives you access to 7 new troops, which completely change the way you’ll attack.

Town Hall 7

After placing the Dark Elixir Drill and Storage, it’s now time to focus on the defensive unlocks you’ve just attained. Town Hall Level 7 is a great time to focus on building up your defenses and army if you haven’t by now. Placing the 2 new cannons you’ve been given is a great first step; also work to upgrade all of your cannons to level 8. Placing the additional 50 Walls, Archer Tower, Mortar, and Air Defense is the next clear step, don’t worry about the 2 Hidden Tessa’s for now as they’re far too expensive for the small impact they give.

Next it’s important to make sure your defenses are upgraded. Ensuring your Cannons are level 8, Archer Towers are level 8, and Mortars are level 5 will ensure your defenses are sufficient. Your walls should be level 5 (Gold) and you should start upgrading your interior walls to level 6. Having your Air Defense upgraded to level 6 is also very important, as players are able to upgrade Dragons at Town Hall Level 7, something you’ll soon be working towards acquiring.

Although you’re not able to place additional Elixir Collectors or Gold Mines, it’s important to focus on upgrading both of them to at least level 11 if they aren’t already, to ensure you’ll have enough resources to build up your army every day. Having your Gold and Elixir Storage at level 10 is sufficient, as you often will be too busy upgrading to stockpile resources.

Constructing a destructive Army is a very doable task at Town Hall Level 7, most importantly because you’re given access to Dragons. Before focusing on upgrading your barracks, it’s essential to ensure you have enough troop capacity.   Having a troop capacity of over 200 is necessary, and can be done easily by having your Army Camps upgraded to level 6. Once you’ve accomplished that, it’s now time to focus on upgrading one of your Barracks to level 8 so that you can start training dragons, it’s not necessary, but will increase the frequency dramatically if which you can attack if you upgrade a second Barracks to level 8, but not necessary.

It’s now time to focus on upgrading your units; your Laboratory should be upgraded to level 5 by now, if it’s not already. Your first upgrade should be spent on the first Dragon upgrade, this costs 2 million elixir, but is absolutely worth it. Upgrading your Healer to level 1, as well as upgrading your Lightning Spell can prove useful. While saving up elixir to upgrade units, it is a good time to also save up 2 million gold to purchase both of the Hidden Teslas.

Your final upgrades should be on your Spell Factory and Traps (Bombs, Spring Traps, Air Bombs, Giant Bombs, and the Seeking Air Mine). Upgrading your Spell Factory to at least level 2 can prove very helpful while attacking, as this gives you access to an essential Healing Spell and increased capacity by 1. The final step is now to focus on your Traps, Town Hall Level 7 gives you access to 3 more Traps, all of which should be upgraded to at least level 3. Ensuring you have a good defense will significantly decrease the amount of resources the get stolen from you, allowing you to upgrade all of your units, and your Town Hall even quicker.