Clash of Clans Strategy

The walls in Clash of Clans (Supercell) is an important part of protecting your village. The walls will withstand alot of damage, while defensive-buildings will slaughter the enemy troops. The use of the walls will vary, depending on how you choose to place them around your base. In this guide we will look at some key points that is good to have in mind while you design your base. To get inspiration, you can check out our best base setups.

Defensive tips

  • Don’t leave open gaps! Troops will automaticly go there
  • EXCEPTION: You can drag troops towards traps by placing them inside gaps.
  • Closing walls into a tree, stone or buildings is a common mistake. It doesn’t work!
  • Create small cells inside your village. The enemy will have to break multiple walls! Check our Base Setups / designs for inspiration.
  • Building that its a must to have behind a wall: Defensive buildings, gold/elixir storages
  • Consider if you should protect the resource buildings. If you play alot and empty them often, it might not be needed!
  • If you dont mind the trophies to much, its a brilliant idea to leave the Town Hall outsie the walls. It will give you a free shield when the enemy only destroy that building.
  • Buildings like the army camp, barracks, laboratory, etc. should be left outside the wall. The enemy will use time on destroying them.

Offensive tips

  • Look for gaps and walls that has lower level.
  • Look for bad placed buildings and open slots behind the walls. But be carefully, open spots might mean a trap!
  • Attack the walls that are out of range of defensive-buildings.
  • Remember to use Wall Breakers, they do 40 times more damage to walls!
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