Clash of Clans Cheats


There are plenty of sites out there offering Clash of Clans cheats, unlimited resources, gold and offcourse, what we all want… unlimited gems! Have you been looking for it aswell? When, finally you`re about to find the answer!

The sites are offering a Clash of Clans cheat. They want you to download a little program and they will tell you that you will get loads of resources and unlimited gems by logging into it!

Some other sites has open discussions about how to manipulate the game with programs like iFile.

But are you ready for it? The real Clash of Clans Cheat?

To get gems in Clash of Clans without buying them, will require you to manipulate the calculations in the game. But the fact that most or even all calculations in Clash of clans are done server-side, means that your phone dont do much of the job except reciving the ANSWERS from the calculations and showit it to you by graphics.

That means… You dont have access to the server-side and therefor you can not manipulate, cheat or get free gems in Clash of Clans.

So be carefully! There are loads of sites out there spreading Clash of Clans Cheats, that will infact harm you. What most in fact are doing, is spreading viruses. Do never ever enter your App Store or Play Store username and password in these program and sites!

What you can do…
While there’s close to impossible to get free gems with a Clash of clans Cheat, you can use easy strategies to farm resources

Check out our BAM and Barb/Archer strategy and learn how you can farm millions of resources in hours. You dont need an cheat or to spend real money to improve your base by far!

[alert-note]If you want a complete Clash of Clans guide which cover all of the game, I suggest you to check out this guide. It cost some dollars, but will help you alot and be a time-saver in the long run.[/alert-note]