Basic defence strategy

Clan castles

The clan castle is undoubtedly the most important defense structure, but only when it is situated in a strategic location, which ideally should be at the center of your base. When enemy units are within its range, your own troops can bust out of it and counterattack them. By locating your clan castle outside of the base, the enemy can effortlessly draw out your units out of it and ultimately vanquish them. On the other hand, a centrally located castle forces the enemy units to take heavy damage from the units you’ve placed inside it. As well as your other defense structures while attempting to infiltrate your base.


Building walls is also an especially good clash of clans defense strategy that presents diverse benefits. In essence walls are utilized to fashion formidable barriers around your vital resources storage areas and defense structures. This obviously means that the enemy’s troops must first breach them to effectually access these places. To which end, wall placement happens to be extremely important in this game as the enemy units can be deployed just 2 empty spaces from any of these structures.

A large square wall leaves a lot of leeway at the center of your base, which the enemy will naturally exploit. 4-way intersection also allow the enemy to breakdown just the midpoint and easily infiltrate the areas within the wall.Ideally, you should build multiple walls around your resources storage points and defense structures. This forces the enemy to break through them, which gives your defense towers sufficient time to impede their onslaught.

Archer towers

The exact positioning of your archer towers can make or break your clash of clans defense strategy in ways you could never fathom. These structures deal single target damage, and while they may not offer more DPS than cannons, they have a much longer range. As well as possessing the capability of hitting both enemy ground and aerial units. You should hence spread them out around your base’s perimeter, and even pair them with cannons. Which ensures that the latter can’t be easily sniped by the enemy’s air troops.


These are very powerful defense structures that provide for the first source of splash damage in this game. While they may be a bit slow, they still fire high damage rounds that explode on impact, which can obliterate entire enemy units caught between the blast. Despite this, they are powerless against enemy troops that succeed to get in close proximity to them.

Consequently, an excellent clash of clans defense strategy is to place them within the base and build walls around them. You should also pair them with air defense towers to safeguard them from aerial attacks.

Air defense towers

These structures are primarily designed to fend off the enemy’s air units. They possess the highest DPS among all defense structures in this game. And they are particularly crucial in dealing with dragons and healers. You should spread them out within your base, which protects them and also enables them to cover a wide area of the base.

Inferno towers

Finally, inferno towers can be a key part of an effective clash of clans defense strategy, but only in advanced levels. They are powered by dark elixir, and enemy troops target by them cannot be healed. You should place at the heart of your base, which ensures they are the very last line of defense.