How to find a clan in Clash of Clans

In the hit game by Supercell, Clash of Clans, players focus on improving their town’s defensive and offensive capabilities by collecting and applying resources to upgrades. One aspect of this game that many players find hard to fully grasp is the clan system. With the clan system, players can create or join groups of players to share troops and participate in clan wars. This adds a social level to Clash of Clans, as the game becomes more fulfilling and interesting when your clan consists of people you know from real life.

When first beginning development of your town, the Clan Castle exists in a ruined state and costs 10, 000 gold to be repaired; once this cost is paid, the clan castle is repaired instantly and players gain the ability to join clans from around the world. Clans can exist as public or private groups and can range from anywhere between one and fifty members. Once a player joins a clan, they gain the ability to communicate with and Request Troops from the other members of that clan.

Requesting Troops sends out a request that can be viewed within the clan’s message board that allows players to donate any previously produced and unused troops. Clan members can donate any type of troop, even those that the requesting player has not unlocked through upgrading the barracks. The limit to troop donations comes from the level of the clan castle, as players start out with 10 housing spaces and gain an additional 5 with each upgrade, not to mention increases to war storage for elixir and gold, which will be further explained later on. Troops stored within the clan castle can be used for both offense and defense.

On offense, these clan castle troops can be deployed in a cluster during an attack without the cost of utilizing housing space in the army camps. This creates potential for various strategies based on careful selection of army camp troops and coordination with clan members for selection of clan castle troops. On defense, these clan castle troops will leave the castle and attack invading forces once the invaders have entered the castle’s area of range. This can significantly improve the defensive capabilities of a player’s town through the distraction of hostile troops, such as with a clan castle housing a dragon. Like the general structure of the game, the competition between players can extend to competition between clans.

A clan’s value and rank is based on the sum of its members’ trophy count. All clans can compete in a unique league of attack and defense known as Clan Wars. In Clan Wars, clans face an opposing clan of similar rank and development and the top 10 players from each clan attempt to destroy the other players’ defensive set up in order to receive up to three stars, based on the level of destruction. In this game mode, players receive 24 hours of preparation before the war begins to determine their town’s defensive layout, finish any last minute upgrades, and donate troops to fellow clan members.

Clash Of Clans Tips

Players can also scout the opposing clan’s defensive set ups to best determine the method and troops for successful invasion. Players must decide on and create a war layout before the end of preparation day, as no changes can be made after preparation day is over. On battle day, each player is allowed to attack the opposing clan twice but only the most destructive attack is counted against a particular player. Players can watch replays of attacks on both sides to analyze strength of attack and which areas of defense are most susceptible to attack. Players do not lose gold, elixir, or dark elixir from being successfully attacked; the attacking player earns war gold, war elixir, and war dark elixir from successful attacks that is received at the end of the war and varies in amount based on which clan did better. The victorious clan is decided by the clan with the most offensive stars after battle day, or the first clan to reach a total of 30 destruction stars.  Overall, clans provide a social way to receive additional troop reinforcement and compete for additional resources against other players.

Building a Mighty Clan Part II

Clash of Clans has, at its heart, a focus on building relationships with other players – whether they’re friends, or complete strangers that you come to know through the game itself. You forge alliances, and join clans, with the ultimate goal of conquering every enemy that presents itself before you.

In the previous installment on this topic, we covered the early steps of creating your own clan; doing so, and having it become successful, could be considered a major achievement within the game itself, but how do you do that without your newly created organization being abruptly swept aside by some other, well-established clan?

The topics that have already been covered include waiting until you’re at least level 60, with a Town Hall of at least level 7, and also having a clear purpose in mind for the clan before you start recruiting. Now, we’ll move on to the subsequent steps that you need to take into account – if you want your clan to not only succeed, but also to become powerful and resilient. There is a great deal of emotional satisfaction involved in creating and running a successful clan, and nobody wants their new clan to disappear overnight.

Fun Bases

Name the Beast

It might sound trivial to some, but anybody who pursues any sort of sales, marketing, or design will tell you that having a good name is crucial. The first thing that any potential recruit will see isn’t how successful your clan is, or how many members it already has, or how dedicated you are to its success.

The first thing they’re going to see is the name of your clan. It has to be something that’s somehow eye-catching, something which makes the sort of impression that leaves someone not only willing to join but also, somehow, potentially interested in your clan in particular.

You want to come up with something that’s fresh and exciting. “The Cool Clan” is neither of those things; seriously, how much effort went into that? Nobody that you want on your side when your back is to the wall is going to take that seriously.

It’s not creative, it’s not original, it’s not particularly in-depth when it comes to representing Clash of Clans thematically, it speaks to a general lack of concern – seriously, it’s not brain surgery or rocket science, but it would be nice to know that you’re playing with people who at least find the game fun – and, perhaps worst of all, it’s dreadfully boring.

 Look at successful clan names already in existence, and try to come up with something suitable to the game… something with a little flavor to it. “The Whitesmen” perks up a little interest upon reading it, as does “The Harpy’s Talon,” if for entirely different reasons… but your specific reasoning isn’t particularly important, not nearly as much so as the name itself sounding as though it’s suited to the game, appropriate to an organization encompassing a diverse group of players, and fun. It must be fun.

Creating something that sounds like it might have a little history behind it is one way to go. That could be the history of your clan itself, within a sense of the world of Clash of Clans actually existing as its own real place. Alternatively, it could also be a history of the organization in a sense that transcends Clash of Clans; perhaps your clan has its roots in a “greater” organization, a gaming clan that spans multiple games, with the same core members involved in each one (more or less).

Such a clan might have its own Website, independent of Clash of Clans. This is a great way to get people interested in “The Pirate’s Daughters,” or “The Splendid Kilts,” or “The Green Archon’s Flame.”

 A Symbol is An Idea

Choose a good symbol for your clan. If your clan name incorporates colors, or themes, try to pick colors for the symbol that reflect those which you’ve chosen. A good clan symbol might make would-be enemies think twice, once you’re strong enough to hold them off… but the real benefit to it is recognition.

When your clan is successful and powerful, your clan’s symbol will be instantly recognized, and other, unaffiliated players will know that they’d better think twice before giving anyone who’s a member of your clan any trouble.

Write a Good Description

Your clan’s bio exists to help you with recruiting, so write up a friendly and informative description for your clan. Include things like your clan’s purpose – hardcore, farming, or casual – and consider putting in certain basic clan rules, so that prospective members are well-informed about what to expect upon joining.

This can always be done individually, as players join, but some people find the assertiveness of having the rules pasted for all to see in the clan’s bio as a confident gesture unto itself. Consider using flavored text, such as accents or archaic words, to make your clan’s bio stand out as more memorable.

Ultimately, what you put into your clan’s bio is up to you – you’re the boss – but it should speak to “why would I want to join Balrog’s Eye?” in a way that clearly expresses the benefits of signing up.

Building a Mighty Clan Part I

So, basically, Clash of Clans is a game about running off all by your lonesome and defeating your enemies in a series of one-on-one engagements… nah, not really. Actually, the game is all about building clans, forming alliances, growing your forces, and taking out your opponents – which consist of other players who are for the most part trying to do the same thing.

Seriously… There’s always that one weirdo who wants to play the game for the sake of building up a civilization, only to stand gloating over its inhabitants’ everyday activities as though he were some sort of godhead, feared and marveled over by countless unthinking digital creatures; that being said, most people play the game with some intention of winning versus other thinking people in mind.

So, on that note, let’s discuss a few finer points on the subject matter of building a nigh-unbeatable clan. First off, in case you’re new: what is a “clan” in Clash of Clans? Some newbies (takin’ it back!) appear to be under the impression that a clan is what you’re building: the collection of walls and structures that allow you to produce units. That is not the case. A clan is an organized union of different players who pledge to work together towards a common goal.

Clash Of Clans Featured

As is the case with many multiplayer online games, most notably within the massively multiplayer roleplaying game industry, Clash of Clans includes built-in programming to make clans “official” within the game. There are a lot of perks to starting your own clan, and… really, no major drawbacks; I mean, the game is called “Clash of Clans.” That’s more or less the whole point of it – by encouraging people to join or form clans, the game’s developers encourage people to bring their friends on board, thereby gathering more new players.

Hold Off!

If you’re new to the game, or you’re at a low level – generally speaking, anything below level 60 – you should probably hold off on the urge to create a clan of your very own. You would be well-advised to look for an existing clan to join, in particular one that encourages new players to join up and learn how the game works in the process of playing it. Clash of Clans doesn’t have the steepest learning curve of any game around, but it does have enough complications of its own that you should learn what you’re doing before you set yourself up with a big shiny bull’s eye on the back of your… head.

Be Strong (with the Force… no, not really, just Be Strong)

When you create a new clan, be sure that you have a Town Hall that’s level 7 or 8 itself. When you’re the center of power for a clan, you want to look tough, otherwise other clans will smell an opportunity. What does opportunity smell like, you might ask (though you probably didn’t)? It smells like a level 6 or lower Town Hall – someone who’s not quite strong enough with their current base to head a clan, who was over-eager to get their own clan off the ground and running.

Figure Out What You Want to Do

Unofficially, in terms of how experienced Clash of Clans players view clans, there are more or less three different types. Hardcore clans are out to play the game, and win, through the aggressive use of clan-related tactics. Farming clans are designed to provide their members with additional resources. Finally, casual gaming clans exist for people who just want to have fun – without taking Clash of Clans itself too seriously (though many often do, regardless; the game is addicting that way).

Before you create your clan, figure out how you want to go about playing the game, and what strategy you want your new clan to help its members fulfill. If you want to create a casual clan, you really don’t need a lot of advice beyond what you’ve already been told – be prepared, and make sure both you and your town hall are at a sufficient level to hold your own while your clan is being built up.

If you want to build a farming clan, likewise, you don’t have to worry about much more than being clear about what it is that you want to do: farm for resources, for the purposes of gaining high-level troops.

Be Prepared

If you want to create a hardcore clan… that’s a bit of a different story. You need to be ready to deal with aggressive players on your own team who might have different ideas about clan leadership than what you do.

You need to be prepared to face down powerful enemies as you constantly wage war against your friends and neighbors, your friends’ neighbors, your friends’ mothers, your friends’ mothers’ neighbors, and the creepy dude down the street who always talks to your dog whenever he sees you walking it, but never has a word for you (weirdo).

Naming your Clash of Clans base

If you’ve been playing Clash of Clans for quite some time, perhaps you’ve debated changing your name before. Whether your name is unsatisfactory to you anymore, or it contains some kind of unprofessional racist or sexist slur, you may not want it anymore. In addition, you may be thinking about making your own clan with some of your friends, and you could be having a hard time naming your clan!

Whatever the case may be, in this article we’re going to talk all about naming in Clash of Clans. We’ll go over changing your name, some good suggestions, and discuss everything relevant to names in Clash of Clans. Let’s begin.

Your Personal Clash of Clans Name

This is the first thing to discuss in this article. You want the best name for your character, it’s a fact. If you’re going to play a game for a long time, your name is a representation of who and what you are. Is your name something super immature or offensive? Did you make your name a few years ago when you were a different person than the one you are? Whatever the case may be, there are a few ways you can go about potentially changing or fixing your name. We’re going to look at what can be done to fix your old name that you currently hate!

Option 1 (The Hard Way) – Making a New Character

You already know how to progress in Clash of Clans quickly, but don’t like your old name? Make a new one! This is the hard way of doing things, and should be a last resort only. It can be fun to restart your character, and playing with newbies when you’re obviously experienced can be fun at times, even if it is easy. You also get to unlock everything a second time, and you’ll have a name you actually like this time around. It can kill two birds with one stone.

When deleting your character do it the right way though. Just deleting the shortcut on your phone won’t get rid of the app. You need to completely wipe your data off your phone! Otherwise it’ll stay there. You can find out how to properly delete Clash of Clans with a quick Google search.

Option 2 (The Easy Way) – Email SuperCell or Clash of Clans

Let’s now look over how to do this in the right way. You should try this before doing option 1 unless restarting your game sounds intriguing. There are two ways to easily contact SuperCell. You can either find their email online on their website, and try to reach their attention by typing something like “Clash of Clans Report Problem” or “Clash of Clans Change Name” in the subject head, then write a nice message to them asking them to politely change your name.

Another way of doing this is to go directly in your Clash game, head over to settings, and click “help and support”. From there, click on the search icon and scroll down until you see the contact us button. Click that and send your message to SuperCell. We recommend giving them a week to reply. If they haven’t replied after that, chances are they’re not getting back to you about your name change. At that point you can try option 1.

Naming Your Clan Something Great in Clash of Clans

There are a lot of factors you should take into consideration when naming your clan on Clash. The first thing you should factor in is the type of people in your clan. Are you playing with strict co-workers from your office job? Or are you playing with your high school buddies just to blow off some steam? Your clan name should represent what you and your clan is.

Clash Of Clans Tips

A cool name can strike fear, or laughter into your enemies’ hearts. SuperCell is fairly lenient about names as long as it’s not something very obscene or vulgar. We have one method to suggest that can work for naming your clan. Usually your clan will have a good few people, so try having everyone put up their own original name, and have the clan members vote on the name. This way, the best name will likely win out. Another way is to just have the clan leader name the clan, but that’s a lot more boring than having a democracy for choosing your clan name! Clash of Clans is a serious game for many people, and clan names are important as well.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article going over names in Clash of Clans. If you came here looking for a bit of lighthearted advice, we hope you got what you were looking for. Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out the rest of our website!

Unit list part 2

Once you reach level 7 in Clash of Clans, you’ll notice that you have the dark barracks unlocked. This may seem new and exciting, but you may be wondering “What do all of these dark units do, and how can I use them well if they cost so much?”

In this unit list, just like the normal unit list we’ve put together, we’ll briefly describe what the unit does, and then go into detail about how you can use that unit for the maximum effectiveness. It’s no fun to unlock new units and have absolutely nothing to do with them, so after reading this article you’ll be able to utilize your new dark barracks units like never before! Now let’s delve into the six dark barracks units in the game.


clashofclanstips-minionsThe minion is the most popular dark unit, and for a good reason. Right when you unlock the dark barracks, you’ll be able to purchase minions. For some army strategies, the minion can be quite useful. It only takes 45 seconds to train, and costs significantly less dark elixir to make than all of the other dark units. For this reason alone, minions can be worth using, as dark elixir is incredibly hard to get.

Minions fly through the air at a very quick pace. Although they are quick, they don’t have a whole lot of health, so make sure you take note of this before sending a singular minion in to take something out. Unlike Dragons or Healers though, you don’t need to worry about air defenses taking out your minions. If you send a few in, the air defense won’t be able to take them all out, as an air defense can only target one unit at a time.

The best way to use minions in our opinion is to combine them with balloons once you’re a town hall level 9. Send in the balloons to take out enemy air defenses and other structures, and then send in the minions to finish up the job. It works wonders; once you’re level 9, be sure to try out this strategy.

Hog Riders

clashofclanstips-hog-riderHog Riders are essentially another form of giants, except they deal a ton more damage and can jump straight over walls. Hog Riders are best when you can group a few of them together, but sometimes this can be a huge problem due to the fact that dark elixir is very hard to produce. If you’re trying to trophy hunt though, and have the dark elixir, it’s definitely not a bad idea to train a few hog riders and healers, and just head into battle with a huge, destructive army that is also supported by a healing spell.

It’s very common to see players during clan wars using Hog Riders, since they’re able to completely decimate enemy forces quickly. Although the trade off between the dark elixir spent and the dark elixir earned isn’t really worth it, sometimes the trophies can be.


clashofclanstips-valkyrieValkyries are essentially a hugely upgraded version of barbarians that take up eight spaces in an army camp. Like the other dark barracks units we’ve covered so far, the valkyrie is incredibly powerful, but costs a lot. With most dark units, you never wonder how effective the unit will be, it’s moreso if it’s worth the cost of the dark elixir.

Valkyries are incredibly good for taking out enemy bases in a quick amount of time, but most of the time you want to use other supporting troops along with the valkyrie. Try dropping down a few valkyries near a barbarian king to take out the enemy’s hero early in the attack. This will speed up the rest of the attack and make it so you end up using a lot less other units to finish up the job.

This is one of the only really effective things you can use a valkyrie for. Yes, they have a ton of health and deal lots of damage, but the dark elixir trade off isn’t really worth it unless you’re trophy hunting.


Golems are pretty much, without going into too much detail, an upgraded giant. They can sustain tons of damage and keep going on. The best part about golems is that when they die, they’ll split into two “golemites” that will keep going around destroying enemy forces for you. Like giants, balloons, and hog riders, golems will only target attacking enemy forces.

They will not gather resources for you. Like giants, however, golems do not deal a whole lot of damage. You’ll want to send in a few witches, archers, or wizards along with the golems to make sure they go to full use. There isn’t really an exclusive golem strategy, but use them similar to the way you’d use giants, and you’ll learn to love golems in no time.


clashofclanstips-witchThe witch is one of the neatest units in the game. It’s a shame that it costs so much, as it’s just so incredibly fun to use. With the witch you’ll be able to summon units that have already died in battle as skeletons. If you can learn how to use witches properly (it takes some getting used to), they’ll easily become your favorite unit. The damage you can do with witches and dead units alone is absolutely insane.

When using a witch, position it behind your other troops, as it can’t sustain much damage. Protect it like you’d protect a healer, for example. A good way to use witches is to send in a few giants and wall breakers at first to deal some initial damage, then throw down a few witches and have them start summoning up some skeletons for you.

The skeletons will aid the giants in destroying the enemy forces, and all you have to do is sit back and watch. One thing we’d recommend watching out for is upgrading your witch. Right now (as of the date of this publication), there’s no actual upgrade for witches. There is no difference between level one and two.

Lava Hounds

clashofclanstips-lava_houndLava hounds aren’t as fun as witches, but they’re still pretty cool. Their only focus is to take out air defenses, but they do an amazing job at taking them down. As soon as all the air defenses are gone, they’ll focus on other defenses. Like the golem, when a lava hound dies, it’ll split into two different units called “lava pups”. If there was one way to describe lava hounds, it’d be like an air defense meat shield. The lava hound will soak up a ton of damage, and when it’s killed it deals splash damage then splits into two more units.

If you’re going to use lava hounds, try sending two at a time, so air defenses have to choose between one or the other, allowing them to survive for longer periods of time as the air defenses can’t focus on just one. All in all, the dark barracks are more for fun and trophy hunting than actually gathering resources. If you have spare dark elixir, you’re going to spend it on some dark units because they’re just so much fun to play with.

Every time you get dark elixir you’re going to look forward to using witches to destroy an enemy’s base. Be sure to play around with each of these units once you unlock them, as they can be great for clan wars in the future, as well as completely decimating enemy bases if you want trophies. Hopefully this unit list provided you with adequate information on the six dark units!

Clash of Clans – Unit List

If you plan on playing Clash of Clans for a while, you’ll want to get a good grasp on the units you’ll be going into battle with. A good amount of your time on the game isn’t spent farming elixir and gold with your mines and elixir collectors, but rather with battle. If you know how to properly use your troops, there is no limit to what you can do in Clash of Clans. You can fill up your elixir and gold storage in a matter of minutes if you attack properly and use your troops effectively.

If you’re a new player, or want to know more about troops you already have, this unit list will definitely be able to aid you in choosing the right troops for combat, as well as choosing good troops to pair together when attacking an opponent. We’ll go in-depth about every single normal unit in the game. Surely by the time you finish reading through this list, you’ll have a good grasp on every single normal troop in the game, and you’ll be ready to dive straight into battle on Clash of Clans. Throughout this unit list we’ll give little tips and hints for using the troops as well so you’ll be able to get the maximum effectiveness out of each troop. Without further ado, let’s move onto the list!

Barracks Units

Tier 1:

Barbarians: first unit you’ll unlock in Clash of Clans is the barbarian. You’re likely very familiar with the barbarian if you’ve even tried combat at all, and this unit doesn’t have a whole lot of neat stuff involved with it so we won’t go too far into detail about the barbarian. It’s a fairly basic unit that runs and attacks. Nothing too special with the barbarian. It will take 20 seconds to make a barbarian, which makes it one of the easiest units to produce in the game.

Barbarians are useful for attacking at a basic level, but if your opponent has wizard towers or mortars set up, it’s strongly advised to not use barbarians, as they’ll all be taken out easily by enemy forces with splash damage. If your opponent doesn’t have a wizard tower or mortar set up, barbarians are extremely useful and can plow through enemy forces in no time if you unleash a lot of them.

Archers are the second unit you’ll unlock, and are one of the more intriguing early-game plays you can use when attacking your enemies. Unlike the barbarian, with archers you can attack at a distance, making them a bit more useful if you know how to use them properly. To get the best use out of archers, try using them not to attack the opponent in a brute-force kind of way, but moreso in a sneaky way, as archers have very little health.

They are killed incredibly easily so you need to use them in a smart fashion. If you can learn to get the most out of your archers, they can help you rack up tons of trophies, elixir, and gold in the earlier levels of Clash of Clans.

A good way to utilize your archers is to send in a few troops to distract enemy forces at first, and then drop archers near the enemy forces to take out whatever’s attacking your other troops. The archers will have an easy go at the enemy forces, and while your other armies take some damage, the archers will remain primarily unscathed. Try using giants, goblins, or giants for this in the early phases of the game and you won’t regret it. You’ll rack up trophies incredibly quickly if you can find out how to do this right.


clashofclanstips.goblinGoblins are what you’d assume them to be. They’re fast, and greedy, just like they are when depicted in movies or books. The goblin is the fastest unit in the entire game, but you can’t use a goblin to take out enemy attacking forces. Goblins will only go for resources, and will completely ignore the fact that they’re being shot at if they are. A Goblin can be face to face with a cannon, for example, and will just run past to try to get to resources.

Like barbarians, goblins are very prone to splash damage. They have low health and can be taken down by a few hits from a mortar or wizard tower. Goblins can be useful for many things though, even later in the game, where they actually can become more useful. As soon as you can upgrade your goblins, be sure to do so. You will not regret it.

As your goblin forces get stronger, they’ll decimate enemy forces in seconds. Send them in with a few giants and archers to take out enemy forces, and you have yourself a very basic, early-game strategy. Later in the game, use goblins with the rage and healing spell and watch them go to town on your enemy’s walls. They’ll be gone in as little as a second.

Tier 2


clashofclanstips.giantAs you’ll notice with all of the tier 2 units, they’re more specialized than the tier 1 or (later on) the tier 3 units. The giant does what you’d expect it to do. They have tons of health, and are basically used as a juggernaut capable of sustaining huge amounts of damage. The giant is one of the most dangerous units in Clash of Clans if used properly. You can use a giant in the early stages of the game to distract enemy attacking forces while your barbarians, goblins, or archers promptly take out the rest of the enemy forces.

Giants are best when paired with goblins, archers, and wall breakers. Although giants are very strong and can take a lot of damage, they don’t necessarily dish it out. That’s where wall breakers, archers, and goblins come in. Try sending in a giant or two along with some wall breakers. Let the wall breakers do the initial damage, destroying the enemy walls, and then have the giants walk straight through the holes the wall breakers left. After the giants have taken the attention of attacking enemy forces, send in your goblins and archers to clean up the rest.

Wall Breakers

clashofclanstips.wallbreakerLike the giant, the wall breaker is also a very specific unit with one main task in mind: taking out enemy walls. Wall breakers are just about the most useful supporting unit in the game, but you have to use them properly or they’ll be useless. If you can learn to time your wall breakers right, they can be the difference between a successful victory with a great trophy yield and a failed attack. Try to send them in between mortar strikes so they aren’t taken out easily.

To use wall breakers properly, send in a few other units beforehand. You want your wall breaker to make it to the enemy wall unscathed, and the only way to ensure this is to make sure the enemy forces are busy attacking other units. Try sending in a few barbarians, goblins, or giants as a “wall breaker sacrifice”, as we like to call it.

They may go down, but the wall will be destroyed in no time. After you have easy access into the enemy base, it’s game over for them. They won’t be able to stop you or slow you down any further. It’s worth losing a giant or two or a few barbarians/goblins if you’re able to get into the enemy base.


Once you unlock the balloon you might be ecstatic that you finally have something to take out those pesky enemy mortars and cannons, but sadly you’ll find that, putting it lightly, the balloon unit sucks at first. You’ll find that it’s immensely slow, deals little to no damage, and frankly isn’t worth the 8 minutes it takes to train it.

We’d suggest upgrading your balloons a few times before actually using them. Feel free to try them out once just to see what we’re talking about, but after that we’d recommend staying far away from the balloons until you can take the time to upgrade them to level five. Once they’re at level five they become pretty stellar to use.

Try using balloons with the rage spell for maximum effectiveness. A level five or six balloon with the rage spell can do some serious damage to enemy forces. They’ll be moving incredibly quickly, and destroying anything your enemy has in their way in seconds as long as they’re upgraded to level five or above. Try taking 5 or so balloons, equipping them with the rage spell, and watching what they can do. It’s a real treat, and it’s one of the best ways you can use balloons in the game.


clashofclanstips.wizardIf you liked the archer, you’re going to love the wizard. The wizard is essentially similar to the archer, except on steroids. They have more health, deal more damage, and let’s be real, wizards look a lot cooler than archers too. You can utilize wizards in a lot of the same ways that you used your archers, but they’ll just get the job done better. They do cost a little over 4 times the elixir that an archer does, and they take eight minutes to train, but if you can get over the cost, you’ll find yourself loving the wizard.

Try pairing up the wizard with a few giants or P.E.K.K.As to enforce the maximum amount of damage on your opponent. Send in the supporting juggernauts to protect your wizards, and let them do the damage. Another great strategy is to drop a few wizards, along with two healers to keep them afloat. This is a great strategy as enemy forces simply will not be able to take down your army.

You’ll run right through the enemy. They won’t even know what hit them. One thing you’ll want to watch out for with wizards is giant bombs. To avoid this, simply scatter your wizards a bit, instead of dropping them all in the same spot.

Tier 3


clashofclanstips.healerHealers are just about the most useful supporting unit in the game. They do exactly what it sounds like they do: they heal any units surrounded by them. The main thing you need to watch out for with healers, as they’re fairly easy to use, is just air defenses. There isn’t a whole lot that can take out a healer, but air defenses will obliterate healers in as little as seconds, and that’s just no fun.

To take out air defenses, and keep your healers alive, try sending in a basic attack to take out the air defenses first, then send in the healer(s) and some wizards later on to clean up the rest of the enemy forces. A wall breaker, a few barbarians, and a few giants is definitely enough to take out an air defense or two.

After you take out the air defenses your healers will be able to keep the rest of your army afloat until they’ve taken out whatever is left to be taken out. The best way to learn how to use the healer is by experience though. Make sure to use it lots after you unlock it, and you’ll find yourself loving this unit in no time!


clashofclanstips.dragonThe dragon is like the balloon and wizard combined, in a way. Like the healers, the main objective before using dragons is to take out air defenses, and then send the dragons in. Air defenses will take out dragons in no time, but if there is no air defenses in the way, dragons will decimate your opponents with their crazy amounts of damage.

Dragons are moreso used to gain trophies rather than elixir or gold, as they take forever to produce (30 minutes), and cost a lot to produce as well. Dragons are one of the best units to use to grab trophies though. Take a few dragons, and utilize a lightning spell to take out enemy air defenses, and your dragons will be able to wipe out anything else in their way.


clashofclanstips.pekkaP.E.K.K.As are the last unit you’ll unlock in the normal barracks. They are also one of the most devastating units, if used properly. They can take out enemy bases incredibly quickly, and are by far the most powerful non-dark ground unit. They deal between 600 and 950 damage per hit, so they’ll take out just about anything in a few hits. The only thing that can really stop P.E.K.K.As are hidden teslas, as they’ll deal twice as much damage to P.E.K.K.As because of the unique armor they have.

To utilize this unit in the best way possible, try using them in pairs to decimate enemy walls incredibly quickly. The walls will go down in seconds, even they’re upgraded fully. Try using a few pairs of P.E.K.K.As all around an enemy base, equipping them with a rage spell, and watching them disintegrate a base quickly. It’s ridiculous if you think about when you started the game with your level 1 barbarians, now to think that you have these crazy units that can take down the best of walls in literally no time.


Well there you have it! There are the ten normal units in Clash of Clans. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll know how to use every unit to your advantage, and you’ll know what each unit does, and what they’re effective at. If you aren’t at the point in the game where you’ll have all of these units at your disposal, be sure to look forward to the time when you do. The game is a lot more fun once you have more damaging units that you can use in more ways than you’d ever imagine.

Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game where you fight against other players. It is an very popular and addictive game you play to imporve your village. The fun part is that people can aim for diffirent achivements while playing. Some people play to get in an high level leauge with alot of trophies, while others play to build up and level their village quick. Either way you will need a strategy and a plan to achive your goals.

Building Strategy

If you want to level up your village as fast as possible, you should probably make a plan of which buildings you want to upgrade first. It is not a golden recipe of this plan, as it depends on your gamestyle. Are you a passive player that collect your resources once a day, or are you an very active player that do loads of attacks every day to get as many resources as possible?

Our golden rule either way if your doing loads of attacks or just collect resources once a day is to always level up your resource-collectors first. This will bring you a steady income of resources for the rest of your Clash of Clans journey.

Second tip, is to protect your resource storages with defensive buildings in middle of your base. If you lose your resources, it will take longer time till you can upgrade your buildings.

Third tip, is to use the beneficial of your shields after you get attacked. If you know you dont have time to do more than a few attacks, consider to skip these attacks and leave the shield on.

Attack Strategy

It’s loads of diffirent attack strategies out there. Which you should go for, depends on what your goal is. Do you want to get high in trophies or do you just want to collect the enemies resources and leave? Some attack strategies will probably work for both, while others are better at one of the examples.

We have listed up diffirent attack strategies on the front page of our Clash of Clans site. You should check that for an updated list. Here are some of our attack strategies as of today:

  • Barbarian and Archer : This strategy is ace if you want to do attacks very often against low rated bases. Specially if the resource storages are badly defended. Because Barbarians and Archers are very fast to create, you can do this attack over and over again in a short period of time. This strategy is highly suggested if you want to play alot – and get tons of resources.
  • BAM Farming Strategy : This isalso an very awsome farming strategy that will bring you loads of resources in a short amount of time. It includes the dark barracks – so it will get your troop ready, even faster than the Barb-Archer strategy.
  • Balloons Attack Strategy :This setup is very quite expensive but also very powerfull. It will get you up in a high trophy leauge. At the higher leagues it require that you have a high level of ballons. It’s a fun setup to play, it’s not very difficult and you will get entertained by loads of ballons destroying the enemy base.
  • Balloons and Minions Strategy : This is an enchanced setup of the previous setup. It includes the Dark Barracks which means that the troop will be ready in a shorter amount of time. This is also a very powerfull setup.
  • Dragon Attack : The dragon strategy is a simple and quite strong setup. It’s very easy to a pure dragon attack and you will destroy the enemy base with ease!

Trohpy Strategy

The only way to get a high number of trophies is to win battles against other players. You can use any of our strategies listed over to beat the enemy players. At higher leagues (trophy level) it will be way more dark elixirs in the enemy storages and some will also have quite huge gold and normal elixirs. But, remember that the battles will be harder than at low trophy level.

There is one way to get into 2200+ trophy leauge quick and easy. It doesnt require a huge troop and you will be able to attack as soon as the previous battle ended. The way I’m talking about is to go for the villages that leaves their town hall outside the walls. If you attack the undefended town hall with a few barbarians (use like 5), you will be ablet o do a new attack when the battle end. The trick is to keep hitting NEXT, untill you find a new enemy that has a undefended town hall.

Strategy Videos

Here’s a video that explain some very basic strategies of Clash of Clans

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Play Clash of Clans on PC

Clash of Clans PCAlot of Clash of Clans Players want to play the game on PC and not only their smartphones or tablets. With this guide you will be able to download and play Clash of Clans on your PC in just a few minutes. It’s a simple program that let you run mobile applications on the PC and it does not require any complicated tweaks. It’s really quick and simple.

3 steps to play Clash of Clans on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks
    Download AppPlayer for Windows or MAC. BlueStacks is a program that allow you to run Android Apps on your PC. You can see more information about their program on their homepage.
  2. Download Clash of Clans
    Just download and install Clash of Clans trought BlueStacks. It takes around a minute, depending on your PC and internet connection.
  3. Start Clash of Clans.
    Congrats! Your complete and ready to start up Clash of Clans.

After you have installed the game on your PC, you probably want to get your village synced. To do so follow these steps:

First you will need to complete the introduction tutorial in the game, so that you get up the settings button ingame.

Android users: Start Clash of Clans and click Settings and then the Google+ button, log in to Google+ and simply load your village.

For iOS (iPad/iPhone): You will have to create a google+ account first. Then: start Clash of Clans, click Settings and then Google+ signin. It will ask you to log in or create a new account. Create an new account and then log in. Go back to your iOS device and to Settings and then Link Device. Use the code you get and fill in on your PC running Clash of Clans (Settings -> Link Device).

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Video that takes you trough the guide

Clan War Guide

Clash of Clans Clan War

The Clash of Clans clan war has just launched and heres our guide to help you trought the battles!

The basics

Clash of clans clan war is a new feature that let you fight clans versus clans, instead of players versus players. To participate in clan wars you will obviously need to be in a clan. The clash of clan clan war is fighted by 15 players up to 50 players in each clan (15 vs 15, 20 vs 20, 25 vs 25, 30 vs 30, 35 vs 35, 40 vs 40, 45 vs 45 and 50 vs 50). The clan leader or co-leaders has to accept or start the clan war for it to start. The clan war consist of two phases over 2 days (24 hours each). The first phase is called preparation day and the second phase is called battle day. Let’s look closer on what we could and should do in each phase to win!

First phase: Preparation day

As the pase is called, its time to prepare for war. You should optimize your base so its 100% defensive. That means your town hall should be heavily defended. At the end of the preparation day your base will be cloned into the clan battle and will be the base that the enemy has the opportunity to attack. You should also get some defensive units in your clan castle to defend your base in the clan war. Note! It’s not the normally clan castle, but a separate clan castle inside the clan war map. Remember to donate high level defensive units to your clan members during the preparation period aswell. You can do that during the prepartion time by clicking on your mates bases in the clan war map. The towns inside the clan war map is aligned from the most powerfull to the weakest from top to bottom.

Another important thing for the clan war is that you should not cancel any buildings that is about to upgrade. Your base will be cloned into the clan war and buildings that are under construction will work as the normal inside the clan war – as the highest completed level. Example: Your mortar is upgrading to level 6 and is complete in 12 hours. If the clan war start in 2 hours, the morter will work as normal as a level 5 mortar during the battles. Another thing thats important is that your base will not generate resources inside the clan war, so dont mind the gold mines and elixirs gatherer to much. Your traps will also be reloaded automaticly during the clan war.

Second phase: Battle day

When the preparation day is over, the battle day begin. Each player can attack twice, and each player can be attacked twice. You can not attack the same player twice yourself. The goal is to gather as much stars as possible, and they are served as in normal games: 1 star for the town hall, 1 star for 50% elimination and 1 star for 100% elimination. You should therefor attack the bases your able to beat – and of course the bases you can get the most stars from.

You will be able to see replays of all the attacks made during the battle day. You should watch replays to consider which base to attack. If someone attacked the base your planned to attack, before you – you can watch the replay to see where the traps are hidden and what units the player has in his clan castle.

The winning clan get the battle bonus. The losing clan also get some resources, but alot less than the winner team.

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Learn everything you need to know about clan wars (video)




The walls in Clash of Clans (Supercell) is an important part of protecting your village. The walls will withstand alot of damage, while defensive-buildings will slaughter the enemy troops. The use of the walls will vary, depending on how you choose to place them around your base. In this guide we will look at some key points that is good to have in mind while you design your base. To get inspiration, you can check out our best base setups.

Defensive tips

  • Don’t leave open gaps! Troops will automaticly go there
  • EXCEPTION: You can drag troops towards traps by placing them inside gaps.
  • Closing walls into a tree, stone or buildings is a common mistake. It doesn’t work!
  • Create small cells inside your village. The enemy will have to break multiple walls! Check our Base Setups / designs for inspiration.
  • Building that its a must to have behind a wall: Defensive buildings, gold/elixir storages
  • Consider if you should protect the resource buildings. If you play alot and empty them often, it might not be needed!
  • If you dont mind the trophies to much, its a brilliant idea to leave the Town Hall outsie the walls. It will give you a free shield when the enemy only destroy that building.
  • Buildings like the army camp, barracks, laboratory, etc. should be left outside the wall. The enemy will use time on destroying them.

Offensive tips

  • Look for gaps and walls that has lower level.
  • Look for bad placed buildings and open slots behind the walls. But be carefully, open spots might mean a trap!
  • Attack the walls that are out of range of defensive-buildings.
  • Remember to use Wall Breakers, they do 40 times more damage to walls!
LevelPriceHitpointsTH level

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