Overview on Clash of Clans strategy


Strategy Time!

That’s right, it’s time to discuss strategy… on this glorious and beautiful day (the time and date this was written, it was snowing outside with a wind chill below zero. The author is just being facetious and incredibly sarcastic). But the strategy part is at least real, because without strategy a game is just pressing buttons and hoping something good happens.

In that fashion, such a game would have a lot in common with how most people decide who they’re going to marry… not to mention how they live their lives, leaving everything up to a craps shoot. I’m getting off-topic, though… back to Clash of Clans.

Strategy isn’t defined, in this instance by how one expects to survive through a marriage when the other one is holding the gun (figuratively speaking… mostly). In this case, strategy is defined for a single video game, and that brings us to Clash of Clans again, where people learn the finer tips of how to properly navigate through the game without looking like an idiot. Unless of course you’re wearing a funny-looking hat while playing.

In the meantime, the non-hat wearing people can follow me to camera two. I’m afraid that there’s no time for a warm-up; we’ve got a lot of information to cover and little enough time to do it in.


  1. Number one in the strategy guide is to know how to work around your level. Seriously! Once you start a game it’s pretty easy to assume that low-level strikes and hits are gonna happen, and that you’ll do a lot of ass kicking yourself, but the buffer zone only lasts between level one and six. Strategy is pretty easy to dictate and handle at this point; you’ve got a “newbie shield” protecting you for your first three days, so build up your resource gathering and storage capacity as much as you can, particularly the gathering side of things.

    Following the same advice, for people just starting, you’ll jump straight into a Town Hall level 2 by the end of the tutorial (which you are heartily encouraged to complete). It cannot be stressed enough, however: try and level up all structures equally! Don’t let your Town Hall outpace everything else!

  2. Point #2 is next, mostly because 2 follows 1 naturally in most situations. This is actually something of a restatement, because the information cannot be stressed enough… in any Clash of Clans strategy guide for beginners, the most effective method is the method everyone’s talking about… level up your structures evenly!


    By the time you reach level six and up you’ll notice that not only are times getting longer in between structure builds, but with new structures you get, you’re stuck with a waiting period in between for beginning structures built.

    You get more wall for instance, and increased turrets, plus new buildings to meet your expanding needs. All of this is predicated on the assumption that you’ve already built what you’ll need to take advantage of it right away, including the expanded resource gathering and storage needed to work relatively quickly.

    None of those things are coming if you advance your Town Hall to level five or six right away, so you’ll have quite some work ahead of you—spend the time, build the structures, don’t Mickey Mouse it.

  3. Between levels 2 through 6, farming should be the ultimate goal. When your Town Hall reaches 4, not much has changed from lower levels, and raids will give you pretty decent resources, but always shoot high—go for 30k gold and elixir as a minimum basis and always expect to try and go higher. Reason for this? Wait time in between mixed with resource cost in between, this amount is going to help you turn a profit per raid.

    Also, try not to stress too much if you get hit by giants and archers around this point. Why? Giants cost a lot, and you won’t see a need for them until way later on. Figure out your limitations and focus small for now, it’ll take you far.

  4. Don’t be ashamed to look to others for advice, and try to find a decent clan. Your fellow clan members will be the ones helping you to pick up your slack when you aren’t entirely sure what it is that you’re supposed to be doing. They will be especially beneficial in raid defense too depending on, so don’t discount them, or the advice they can give you based off of their own experiences too.

    I find an effective and strong clan is one that supports one another. Often times these clans are defined by having their own blog site to discuss ideas for raid tips and the like, so be on the look out for that.


  5. Final tip of the day; know your opposition. Splash damage for instance is one way that people find themselves suffering, and in massive amounts too. When scoping out sites for a raid become aware of mortar towers and wizard towers that can cause splash damage due to high placement and location, and be wary of which troops you send out first for the attach. If you’re not careful you can literally send a whole platoon to their swift and untimely death in less than a couple of minutes.