Clan War Guide

Clash of Clans Clan War

Clash of Clans Clan War

The Clash of Clans clan war has just launched and heres our guide to help you trought the battles!

The basics

Clash of clans clan war is a new feature that let you fight clans versus clans, instead of players versus players. To participate in clan wars you will obviously need to be in a clan. The clash of clan clan war is fighted by 15 players up to 50 players in each clan (15 vs 15, 20 vs 20, 25 vs 25, 30 vs 30, 35 vs 35, 40 vs 40, 45 vs 45 and 50 vs 50). The clan leader or co-leaders has to accept or start the clan war for it to start. The clan war consist of two phases over 2 days (24 hours each). The first phase is called preparation day and the second phase is called battle day. Let’s look closer on what we could and should do in each phase to win!

First phase: Preparation day

As the pase is called, its time to prepare for war. You should optimize your base so its 100% defensive. That means your town hall should be heavily defended. At the end of the preparation day your base will be cloned into the clan battle and will be the base that the enemy has the opportunity to attack. You should also get some defensive units in your clan castle to defend your base in the clan war. Note! It’s not the normally clan castle, but a separate clan castle inside the clan war map. Remember to donate high level defensive units to your clan members during the preparation period aswell. You can do that during the prepartion time by clicking on your mates bases in the clan war map. The towns inside the clan war map is aligned from the most powerfull to the weakest from top to bottom.

Another important thing for the clan war is that you should not cancel any buildings that is about to upgrade. Your base will be cloned into the clan war and buildings that are under construction will work as the normal inside the clan war – as the highest completed level. Example: Your mortar is upgrading to level 6 and is complete in 12 hours. If the clan war start in 2 hours, the morter will work as normal as a level 5 mortar during the battles. Another thing thats important is that your base will not generate resources inside the clan war, so dont mind the gold mines and elixirs gatherer to much. Your traps will also be reloaded automaticly during the clan war.

Second phase: Battle day

When the preparation day is over, the battle day begin. Each player can attack twice, and each player can be attacked twice. You can not attack the same player twice yourself. The goal is to gather as much stars as possible, and they are served as in normal games: 1 star for the town hall, 1 star for 50% elimination and 1 star for 100% elimination. You should therefor attack the bases your able to beat – and of course the bases you can get the most stars from.

You will be able to see replays of all the attacks made during the battle day. You should watch replays to consider which base to attack. If someone attacked the base your planned to attack, before you – you can watch the replay to see where the traps are hidden and what units the player has in his clan castle.

The winning clan get the battle bonus. The losing clan also get some resources, but alot less than the winner team.

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