Mastering the air attack

This Clash of Clans guide will teach players the ins and outs of all air attack strategies and how to ultimately use the air to the player’s advantage. There are three air-based types of troops in the game: Minion, Balloon, and Dragon. The Minion has good speed, is relatively weak and inexpensive, and has good range. In contrast, the Balloon is the game’s slowest moving troop, deals devastating splash damage, but can be taken down with ease by anti-air defenses. Lastly, the Dragon has a wide range of abilities, having the ability to attack both ground and air units. Additionally, Dragons have great range and splash damage.

The first and best strategy we’re going to cover is designed to be the mother of all trophy hunting and gold grabbing strategies. It involves all three air-based troops as well as Rage Spells, which increases an individual unit’s damage by a fixed percentage, and Healing Spells, which heals all friendly units within a stationary ring for a total of 12 seconds. For this method, the player will need 20 Minions, three Dragons, 20 Balloons, two Rage Spells, and one Healing Spell. In total, this will cost 120 Dark Elixir, and 217,000 Elixir.

Now that the player has everything prepared, it’s time to execute this strategy and claim victory. First, be wary of Air Defense. Since Minions are cheap and easily replaced, test for air bombs by deploying a Minion near the enemy’s Air Defense. Deploy another Minion near to see what troops the enemy has in their Clan Castle. Take out the troops from the Clan Castle by deploying the player’s remaining Minions. This should also help with distracting the Air Defense. Next, with the air defense distracted, deploy all of the player’s Balloons and guide them to attack the Air Defense.

To give them that extra edge, give the player’s Balloons one Rage Spell. After the enemy’s Air Defense is destroyed, it’s time to deploy all three Dragons to clean up any stragglers. As the player’s Balloons close in on the second Air Defense, give them the second Rage Spell. Wizard Towers will deal powerful splash damage to both ground and air troops, so it’s advisable to use the Healing Spell on the Balloons with the Healing Spell if the enemy’s Wizard Tower is taking it’s toll on the player’s army.

The next strategy uses Balloons and is effective with both high and low trophy levels. An important thing to keep in mind while launching this attack is the fact that Balloons prioritize defense units. As previously said, Balloons move slowly (even slower than Giants!) This adds more importance to the game’s time limit.
As air defense buildings can take out Balloons with up to three shots, the player’s main focus should be to destroy said defense buildings as quickly as possible.

Clash Of Clans Tips

Bases built with their defense buildings exposed are the best targets for Balloon attacks. Castle Clans often house Archers or an Arch Queen, who attack air troops, so be wary! The attacker can either spread his or her Balloons to attack all Air Defense buildings at once, or deploy all of the Balloons at once to quickly take out an Air Defense building with ease.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials needed to become a master at Clash of Clans aerial raids, remember to try combining the three different types of air-based troops to create your own army and crush your opponents. Minions are generally low-level, easily replaced, but mighty in numbers. Balloons are slow yet powerful, and always go good when deployed alongside Minions. Last but not least, Dragons are a devastating powerhouse not to be underestimated, but can and will be defeated if the player is not careful.

Hog Rider Attack Strategy

Hog RiderThe Hog Rider attack is a popular and powerfull strategy. It requires some knowledge to use, but with its power, its definitely worth learning. Your troop will mainly consist of Hog Riders, and this troop should be used if you want to farm trophies and get into the high-end leagues. The setup costs alot of Dark Elixir, so will not be able to spend that on other than your troops while using this strategy. If your goal is to farm resources, you should try one of the cheaper strategies. For example the Barbarian-Archer or BAM.

When you train this troop, go for 15 barbarians and the rest should be Hog Riders. Your clan castle should be filled with Wizards. This is important as your wizards will be used to clear out the enemy clan castle, hero and queen.

When you use the Hog Rider attack Strategy, your first task is to empty the enemy Clan Castle. Do that with your 15 barbarians. First, simply agro and drag the enemy troop out of the clan castle and to an very edge of the map. Then spawn the rest of your barbarians and your clan castle (at this point, also consider to use your hero and archer queen). This should basicly oneshot the enemy troop (clan castle). When these units are cleared, you should simply spawn all of your hog riders. Use healing spells when they reach 50% to fill them back up to 100%. Check out the video below for a full explaination and usefull tips.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strength of this setup, is that the Hog Riders ignore walls. You dont have to mind the high level walls of your enemies, as your troop will simply jump over them. They also deal quite alot of damage and with a few healing spells they will survive for the whole battle.

The weakness of this setup is that it takes a while to produce a full troop of Hog Riders. It takes 2 minutes to train a Hog Rider, but compared to the normal Barracks, you only have 2 Dark Barracks. It’s also weakness that it will use most of your Dark Elixir. You should also be aware that this strategy requires high level Hog Riders.

Which bases to attack

As mentioned already, you shouldnt be scared of the enemies walls. Your troop will simply jump over them. Try to find bases where you can drag out and empty the Clan Castle.  A Clan Castle full of Wizards could wipe your whole troop off in seconds.

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Videos about the Hog Rider attack strategy

This video explain how to use the Hog Rider attack strategy in details.

Barbarian and Archers strategy

barb-archersThe Barbarian and Archers strategy is used to farm loads of resources in short time. It’s one of the oldest strategies in the game and still amazing! The troop is fast to produce and let you attack rapidly. It’s perfect if you have some spare time and want to farm loads of resources.

You should create about 50-50% of Barbarians and Archers. It can also be good to create a few more archers than barbarians.

You can also add Wall Breakers to the Barbarian and Archers setup.

The idea is to let the barbarians tank damage while the archers stand behind and deal damage.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strenght of this setup is that you can do attacks very often and farm alot of resources in short time. The setup is strong compared to the price of the troop.

The weakness of this setup is definitely splash damage. Mortars and Wizard Towers is your biggest threat. To counter this you can consider to use Lightning Spell to take out Mortars or a Healing Spell to take out Wizard Towers. Simply spawn the Healing Spell on your troop next to the Wizard Tower to easily take them out.

Its often good to focus on one side of the base. Choose the side closest to the resources and with low splash damage. Drag a line of barbarians and then a line of archers. Repeat if needed. At lower level and small bases you can easily drag barbarians around the whole base and then rounds with archers and watch them eliminate the base from all sides.

Which bases to attack

First of all, dont be afraid of clicking “next”. If the enemy has low resources, just click next till you find a new one. Personally I dont take anyone with less 100.000+ resources/gold, unless I’m in a hurry.

Easy bases to attack, are these who line up their gold mines and elixir pumps in a line outside their walls. Simply drag a line of Barbarians and then a line of Archers and the resources will be yours!

You can also take the resources stored in middle of their base, but you have to be aware of their splash damage. Try to take them down first. Remember that you dont have to spawn all the Barbarians and Archers at once, you can send them in waves.

Overall this is great strategy to gain loads of resources. With boosted barracks you can easily farm 1.000.000+ gold and elixir in ONE hour.

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Videos about the barbarian and archers strategy

#1 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker. 405.000 gold / 406.000 elixir[youtube id=”rZUNC8NwUlc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#2 Barb/Archer + Rage Spell . 219.000 gold / 235.000 elixir[youtube id=”U2S5r-OQVtg” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#3 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker and Healing Spell . 180.000 gold / 177.000 elixir[youtube id=”O20bfEhu8C0″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

If you have anything to add or got any questions: just shout out in the commentfield. Thanks for reading!

Dragon Attack


Dragons are the second last attack unit you learn to train in the Barracks. They require 20 housing space and deal high splash damage with their fire breath. While they are dealing alot of damage, they also have alot of health which make them quite superior. But at the other hand they have a very slow movement speed. They are flying in air so they are immune to ground defense buildings. Their worst enemy is the Air Defences which you should try to destroy as soon as possible if your using these flying units.

General Information

Dragons is a very strong troop unit and can be used at any range of the trophy leagues. The experience needed to use them is various and depends what setup you are going to use. Equal to the Balloon and Minion Strategy, walls are no challange, they simply fly over them. The negative thing about using this strategy to farm Resources is that they cost alot of elixir and which can be hard to gain back in every battle. But you will win most battles and gain alot of gold along the way! If you consider this as a problem, you should consider to use the BAM Farming Strategy.

Attack Strategy

You can use Dragons in alot of diffirent ways. Either in a mix with other units or as a pure Dragon Attack. Both are usefull and strong attack strategies. Because of their high health pool they can be used to tank damage from the enemy defensive buildings. But as already mentioned, you have to watch out for the Air Defenses. Consider to take these out with a Lighting Spell if they are hard to reach, or spawn your dragons so they destroy the building quickly. You can also take the Air Defence out with ground-troops or your Barbarian King or Archer Queen.

You should also try to lure the Queen Archer out from the base and kill it, before you spawn your Dragons. These will save your dragons for alot of trouble inside the base. The same goes for the Clan Castle if possible. On the other hand you dont have to mind their Barbarian King as he can not hurt flying units.

As a pure Dragon attack you should spawn your dragons in a group and zerg the base down. Rage Spells are very usefull to destroy buildings quickly and getting into the middle of the base – to destroy their Town Hall. You can also consider to use healing spells.

Suggested setup:

12 x Dragons (or as many you can create)

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Video about Dragon Attack

I’ve added a video to show you some examples of pure Dragon Attacks.

Balloons and Minions

Ballons and Minions are a popular setup for trophy hunting. It’s an easy to use, yet powerfull setup. The strategy is similar to our Balloon Strategy, but includes minions. It’s a well known and much used strategy, even at 2600+ trophy league. Compared to the balloon strategy this setup is faster to train as we use the dark brackets aswell. The training time of minions are 45 seconds, so it really speeding up the progress. They cost 8 dark elixir each, which is not alot – but its still dark elixir.

General Information

Balloons and Minions strategy allow you to do heavy attacks often, compated to its strenght. The mix of heavy damage and quick units make this setup very good and successful even in the high leauges. The balloons have an movement speed of 10, while the minions has a movement speed of totally 32! The minions health is on the other hand quite low, but the housing space is only 2, which means you can make a lot of them. While the balloons prioritize defending buildings, the minions will damage anything that is close.

Attack Strategy

The Balloons and minion attack is based on air units. That means we don’t have to mind mortars and canons. Our worst enemy is the air defense and thats the buildings we should try to take down first. Try to choose bases where these can be taken out quick. The shaman towers can also be a pain as they will slay alot of your minions quickly. Consider to use spells when needed. I suggest healing spells close to shaman towers to refill your units health, rage spells to take down crowded defense buildings quickly, or lightening spells to take out air defenses, without loosing your units.

The Balloons and Minions can be sent out together, or spread around the base. An idea can be to send the minions in first, and then send in your ballons, so that the air defenses get busy hitting minions instead of balloons. But remember that the minions should be used to clear the base and take down buildings after the balloons have taken down all the defensive buildings. The minions are quick and they do some nice damage as a crowd. They are perfect for clearing up the base when the clock is ticking!

Suggested setup:

28 x balloons
50 x minions.

Remove or add as your able to with your current level of camps.

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Video about Balloons and Minions

I’ve added this video about balloons and minions strategy. It’s a fight at 2600+ trophies.

Balloon Attack

Clash of Clans Balloon attack is a entertaining strategy that works with low trophys aswell as 2400+ trophies. We will look at some key points to be aware of while using this strategy sucsessfully. The setup itself can be used at low and high trophy level. But the levels of your balloons might set a limit of your possibilities in the higher leauges. If you like air-attacks, you should check out our Dragon Attack aswell.

General information

The balloons takes 5 housing spaces and 8 minutes to train. With 4 barracks training balloons only, it will take 25 minutes to fill 200 housing spaces (level 6 army camps). If you boost your barracks it will go 4 times faster and the troops will be ready every 6 min 15 sec.

An important fact everyone that consider to use the balloons should know, is that their favourite target is defenses. That’s equal to giants, which also favourite defense buildings. This means that these units will destroy defense buildings before touching the other buildings.

If you ever used the balloons you also probably noticed that their movement is very slow. Their movement speed is set to 10, while giants have 12. With this in mind, you have to be aware of the battle time. Their prioritized attack order and their slow movement speed is important to have in mind while your using this balloon attack strategy.

Attack Strategy

When your attacking with ground troops, you simply ignore the air defense buildings as they don’t do damage to these units. But when your attacking with balloons you have to change that foucs. Your main priority should be to take out these air defenses as fast as possible. The air defense buildings usually shoot down the balloons in 2-3 hits, and they shoot quite often! With this in mind you should aim for bases with exposed air defense buildings.

You should also try to baith out their clan castle defenders. Many people have arches inside these buildings, which also attack air units. This also include their Arch Queen, which has ranged attack. But on the other hand you do not need to mind the King as he’s not able to touch air units.

Some people likes to use the balloon strategy mixed with other units. An example of this could be sending in a dragon in front to take the damage from air defenses, while your balloons slay it down in no time. The negative thing about is that it takes alot longer to train the dragons. It is also smart to bring some units that are fast, to destroy all buildings after the defensive buildings have been taken down. I would suggest you to check out the Balloon and Minion strategy, which is a very strong.

What most people do when their attacking with this strategy is either to split up in groups and take out the air defense in diffirent places in the base. Or, you can send in all the units at once, as close as possible to the defensive buildings. I’ve added a video at the end of this article to show you some examples of this strategy.

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Video about Ballon Attacks

BAM farming strategy

The BAM farming strategy is used to farm loads of resources in short time. It’s similar to the Barb/Archer strategy, but this setup also includes Minions. It’s an amazing way to farm loads of resources in short time.

A easy way to create the attack troop fast is:

  • 2 barracks trains Archers
  • 2 barracks trains Barbarians
  • Dark barracks train minions

You can also add Wall Breakers to the BAM farming setup, and you can also replace some of the Barbarians with Giants, but remember that it will take longer time to create and that they cost more elixir.

The idea of this setup is to distract defensive buildings with Barbarians and Archers and then send in Minions.

You should draw Barbarians in a ring around the base, then rings of Archers. Then you should find a good spot for the Minions and send them in. A good place would be away from the Air BAM Strategydefence and Wizard Towers.

Some prefer to use this setup together with a Healing ring and Rage rings. Consider to use the Healing ring close to Air Defence or Wizard Towers and the Rage spell when your minions are in middleo f their base, so that your sure you will get everything they have.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strenght of this setup is that you can do attacks very often and farm alot of resources in short time. The setup is quite strong. Because the setup only require cheap units and that we use all barracks speeds the creation time up alot.

The weakness of BAM strategy is Air Defence and Wizard Towers. To counter them you should consider using Healing ring or take the Air Defence and Wizard Towers out with your Barbarian and Archers.

Which bases to attack

Alot of people farm 1.000.000 resources each hour by using the BAM strategy. You should look for bases that has atleast 100.000+ resources stored.

Easy bases to attack are these who lines up their gold mines and elixir pumps close to the outer walls.

You should also look for bases that has the Air Defence and Wizard Towers in a bad positions so you can take them out quick. Preferable with groups of Archers and Barbarians. Dont send all into splash damage, send them in waves to prevent damaging you whole troop at once.

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Videos about the BAM Farming Strategy

#1 A video guide going trought the BAM Farming Strategy [youtube id=”5UC172GBtuA” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#2 BAM Strategy vs. Town Hall 9. Profit: 200k gold / 135k elixir / 1300 Dark Elixir[youtube id=”8mj9cNf9Vhg” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

If you have anything to add or got any questions: just shout out in the comment field. Thanks for reading!