Mastering the air attack

This Clash of Clans guide will teach players the ins and outs of all air attack strategies and how to ultimately use the air to the player’s advantage. There are three air-based types of troops in the game: Minion, Balloon, and Dragon. The Minion has good speed, is relatively weak and inexpensive, and has good range. In contrast, the Balloon is the game’s slowest moving troop, deals devastating splash damage, but can be taken down with ease by anti-air defenses. Lastly, the Dragon has a wide range of abilities, having the ability to attack both ground and air units. Additionally, Dragons have great range and splash damage.

The first and best strategy we’re going to cover is designed to be the mother of all trophy hunting and gold grabbing strategies. It involves all three air-based troops as well as Rage Spells, which increases an individual unit’s damage by a fixed percentage, and Healing Spells, which heals all friendly units within a stationary ring for a total of 12 seconds. For this method, the player will need 20 Minions, three Dragons, 20 Balloons, two Rage Spells, and one Healing Spell. In total, this will cost 120 Dark Elixir, and 217,000 Elixir.

Now that the player has everything prepared, it’s time to execute this strategy and claim victory. First, be wary of Air Defense. Since Minions are cheap and easily replaced, test for air bombs by deploying a Minion near the enemy’s Air Defense. Deploy another Minion near to see what troops the enemy has in their Clan Castle. Take out the troops from the Clan Castle by deploying the player’s remaining Minions. This should also help with distracting the Air Defense. Next, with the air defense distracted, deploy all of the player’s Balloons and guide them to attack the Air Defense.

To give them that extra edge, give the player’s Balloons one Rage Spell. After the enemy’s Air Defense is destroyed, it’s time to deploy all three Dragons to clean up any stragglers. As the player’s Balloons close in on the second Air Defense, give them the second Rage Spell. Wizard Towers will deal powerful splash damage to both ground and air troops, so it’s advisable to use the Healing Spell on the Balloons with the Healing Spell if the enemy’s Wizard Tower is taking it’s toll on the player’s army.

The next strategy uses Balloons and is effective with both high and low trophy levels. An important thing to keep in mind while launching this attack is the fact that Balloons prioritize defense units. As previously said, Balloons move slowly (even slower than Giants!) This adds more importance to the game’s time limit.
As air defense buildings can take out Balloons with up to three shots, the player’s main focus should be to destroy said defense buildings as quickly as possible.

Clash Of Clans Tips

Bases built with their defense buildings exposed are the best targets for Balloon attacks. Castle Clans often house Archers or an Arch Queen, who attack air troops, so be wary! The attacker can either spread his or her Balloons to attack all Air Defense buildings at once, or deploy all of the Balloons at once to quickly take out an Air Defense building with ease.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials needed to become a master at Clash of Clans aerial raids, remember to try combining the three different types of air-based troops to create your own army and crush your opponents. Minions are generally low-level, easily replaced, but mighty in numbers. Balloons are slow yet powerful, and always go good when deployed alongside Minions. Last but not least, Dragons are a devastating powerhouse not to be underestimated, but can and will be defeated if the player is not careful.