Town Hall 9 Bases (Page 2)

Town Hall 9

We have found some more interesting and very good base setups for town hall 9. So this is an continuation of our previous post about Town Hall level 9. You should check both post to find the layout you like most. We’re seperation two kind of setups based on what your goals are. We’re calling them defensive layouts and farmer layouts. Our farmer layouts do not protect the town hall to let random players destroy it quickly so that they gain trophies. That might sound bad you think? But the goal and idea is that it will give you a free 8-12 hour shield! Alot of these attackers wont touch your resources as they just go for the town hall.

The defensive layouts/bases do protect the town hall. You should use this if your goal is to get into the high leagues and a high score of trophies.

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Base Setups for town hall level 9 (page 2)

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#1 Defensive Base

Town Hall 9

#2 Farmer Base

Town Hall 9

#3 Farmer Base

Town Hall 9

#4 Farmer Base

Town Hall 9

#5 Defensive Base


#6 Defensive Base


#7 Defensive Base


#8 Defensive Base


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