Xmodgames for Clash Of Clans

Xmodgames-the best free mod app for Clash of Clans

Xmodgames is a super mobile game assistant tool with various mods and features of capture, record and forum based on Android rooted devices.


1.Search Loot (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy, Town hall level Search While Attacking,Townhall near Edge)

2.SandBox Attack (Simulate Attack): Set Own Troops; Set Target’s CC Troops; Set Spells

3.Realtime Trap/Tesla

4.Keep Active (You Never Get Attacked While The App is Active)

How to install and use Xmodgames?

Step 1: Download Free Xmodgames here or from official website www.xmodgames.com.

You need to root your device before using Xmodgames.

Download Free here.

Step 2: Tap Xmodgames icon and launch it.

You need to authorize root permission request at the first time you launch Xmodgames.

Step 3: Tap “Mod” page, choose the game in the list.

You can find all Game Mods that Xmodgames supports in “Mod” page. And you can find all the games that you have installed in “My Game” page. Before you use the mod, please install the game first from Google Play Store.


Step 4: Install the mod for the game by tapping “install” button.

Step 5: Open the game by tapping “Launch” button.

You will see a floating window when you open the game in Xmodgames. The floating window is called Xbot, which is the mascot of Xmodgames.

Step 6: Tap the Floating window, Enjoy the Mod & other features!

PS: Xmodgames is not compatible with X86 devices/Bluestacks at present.

If you find Xmodgames is not working on your Samsung device, click www.xmodgames.com/faq and you can find the solution.

Update 16/09 – Lava Hound

Patch Day

Today is a patch-day and Supercell has just released a new patch (version 6.253.4)! They have done some interesting changes that we will look at in this post. They also introduced a brand new troop unit called Lava Hound. Overall it’s an interesting patch, so lets get started!

Lava Hound

The empty troop squares in the Dark Barracks menu have stated that new troop unites will “come soon” for a long while. In this patch Supercell introduced the Lava Hounds. It’s an Dark Barracks unit that requires Dark Elixir. A level one Dark Hound costs 390 Dark Elixir and takes 30 Housing Space. This unit favorite targets Air Defenses – and is the only unit that has Air Defenses as a single favorite. The Lava Hound itself does not deal much damage (10 DPS at level 1), but it has loads of health (5700 as level 1). This means that it will be a really good unit to use together with your air troop units, and the Lava Hound will work as a meatshield. The Lava Hound requires Dark Barracks at level 6 and a Town Hall of level 9.


Increased Levels

This patch also added a few new levels to both troop units and buildings. Barbarian and Archers maximum level is now increased to level 7. The Archer Tower has increased its maximum level to 13 and the Dark Elixir Barracks has increased its maximum level to 6. Keep in mind that when you increase the troopunit level, they also increase in price.

Wall Improvements

Finally! Yes, this have been on the wishlist amoung the players for a while. Finally, we can use elixir to upgrade walls. But they have to be level 6 or above, before we can use elixir to pay the upgrades. This patch also made it possible to upgrade rows of walls at once, instead of clicking one-by-one.

Battle Playbacks

Supercell have now added a Pause button to the battle replays. This does not work if your watching a Clan War Battle “live”.

Other patch notes

  • Hero regeneration time has been reduced
  • Valkyrie training time has been reduced.
  • Your now able to dismisss troop units (from Army Camps and Clan Castles)
  • You can produce spells in mixed orders.

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Lava Hound Video

Check out this interesting Youtube clip of an Lava Hound Attack.