Town Hall Level 3 Strategy Guide

Town Hall level 3 is the first level in Clash of Clans where you gain the ability to access several new upgrades to buildings and brand new structures. However, this is also the first time that upgrades will actually require a lengthy time investment. Because of the varying completion times, you will have to strategize and think beforehand of what you would like to accomplish first.
Fortunately, this Town Hall level 3 upgrade order guide lays out the most time and cost efficient plan for creating your buildings and improving your structures in Clash of Clans. By following this guide, you will be able to level up quickly and farm without wasting any time.

Prioritizing Tasks in Town Hall 3

Dependent on the builder, you are given the ability to decide which order to upgrade structures. If you take the time to follow this guide exactly, you may actually begin to upgrade to Town Hall 4 within a day of improving Town Hall 3.

Here is a summary of the first builder’s responsibilities in order of importance:

Builder No.1 – Elixir Storage Upgrades – Laboratory – New Storage Structures and Upgrades – Clan Castle – Town Hall Level 4

Before doing anything else, the first builder must start building the Laboratory as soon as you make it to Town Hall Level 3. However, because you will be short on Elixir capacity to begin constructing the Laboratory, you’ll need to increase your Elixir capacity up to a minimum of 25,000 first. Following this, upgrade your Barbarians to level 2 in order to improve your farming ability (this is extremely important). As soon as the Lab is completed, make sure not to waste any time and begin researching. The Laboratory should constantly be researching upgrades for your units.

Once the Laboratory is completed, you can start constructing and increasing your Elixir and Gold storage units. It’s absolutely imperative that you upgrade these structures as soon as possible because it boosts the maximum number of resources you can have at a given time. When you have the help of a larger resource limit, you can continue to farm more resources while the rest of your builders are staying productive. By doing so, you can continue to have a bigger spare resource pool that can be used to fortify and upgrade your walls. You should always remember to farm until you hit your resource cap while your builders are occupied so that you can allocate your extra resources on wall upgrades before starting on your next upgrade or structure.

After you have completely finished upgrading your storage units, go ahead and unlock the Clan Castle. Luckily, there’s no wait involved with completing the Clan Castle. At this point, have your builder start on Town Hall level 4. Although the upgrade may seem rushed, you must remember that it takes a full day to complete the upgrade to Town Hall level 4. On the other hand, the majority of the enhancements at this level only need a couple of hours to finish.

Here’s a prioritized order of what your second builder should do:

Builder No.2 – New Army Camp – Upgrade Army Camps – Mortar – Upgrade Towers – Upgrade Barracks

The main goal of the second builder is to build and upgrade your defensive structures and Army Camps. Start by having your builder create the new Army Camp and then upgrading each Army Camp to its maximum level. Once the upgrades for your Army Camps are completed, you must improve your Gold Storage building so that you can hold more gold. Once you have the ability to hold more than 8,000, you can start building the Mortar defensive tower. Once the Mortar is completed, go ahead and upgrade your Cannons and Archer Towers to their maximum level.

Town Hall Level 3

At this point, the Town Hall 4 upgrade will probably start building before the second builder completes the upgrades for your defensive towers. This is completely fine and should be expected since upgrading the 2 available Barracks at Town Hall 3 to their maximum level only takes a moment.

By the off chance that Builder No.2 completes all of the building upgrades and structure creations before Town Hall 4 is completed, have your second builder completely upgrade the stats for your defensive walls. If you’re proactive and have already maxed out your walls before Town Hall 4 finishes, prevent your second builder from being idle by building and upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Don’t worry about completing the stats for these until you complete Town Hall 4.