What to know before building your first Clash of Clans base

If you’re new to Clash of Clans, or happen to be struggling with creating your very first base, this is the article for you. Creating your first base is incredibly essential in Clash of Clans. Eventually your beginner shield will wear off and people will start attacking you. This may be a scary time for you at the moment, but after reading this article you’ll know exactly how to shape up your base so attackers will have a terrible time breaking into your base. You may notice when attacking other bases that certain people have bases that seem to be impenetrable, and some seem to be almost impossible not to break into. You don’t want a base that people can break into with a giant and a few goblins. You want something people will have to put effort into to penetrate.

We’re going to hand out a few tips that will assist you in building your first base. Let’s now get onto the tips.

Don’t build a base before the third day

If you’re super new to Clash of Clans, we advise that you don’t worry at all at first. You have a three-day shield that will make sure you can’t be attacked until you’ve surpassed three days on Clash of Clans. This doesn’t mean total play time, but three real life days. There’s no point building walls if they’re no use, and they’ll go towards protecting nothing. Use your gold at this time to build and upgrade gold mines and elixir collectors so you can gain resources while you don’t play the game or sleep. Save some gold on the third day so you can easily build up your walls on that day before people can attack you.

Don’t put everything inside your walls

Everything doesn’t need to be inside your walls. Unlike on other games where you keep literally everything inside your base, that is not necessary on Clash of Clans. As you’ll notice when attacking other people, you don’t really get anything besides a few percentage number increases when you destroy things like Builder’s huts, Laboratories (if you’re a higher level), Army Camps, or Barracks. For this reason, it’s not necessary to keep these inside your base. You don’t lose anything if your opponent destroys them, and if they’re dumb enough hopefully they’ll go for these when they initially attack you, and your attacking forces can kill their armies while they destroy pointless things like your Army Camps or Builder’s huts.

This is pretty much common sense, but make sure to keep other things inside your walls. Keep your Town Hall incredibly well-protected (as you lose any battle against an opponent if they destroy your Town Hall). Also protect your Gold Mines and Elixir Storages very well because otherwise your opponent can destroy them and steal your gold and elixir. As long as you have these three things protected, your opponent will have a hard time stealing your resources without seriously depleting their army.

Town Hall 8

Be creative

All in all, we’re not going to tell you exactly how to construct your base. That’s completely up to you. You can look up designs on Youtube or Google, but going with your own unique design might be the best course of action. If you go with a popular design, people will know how to attack it because so many other people will have used it. Instead try making up your own base. Your base doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle, it can be any shape you want it to be. You can also make it into a maze-like design which isn’t a bad idea. That way Wall Breakers can’t get into your base unless they break through multiple walls. Play around with designs and see which ones work well for you!

Play your defenses right

Just think logically when placing your defenses. Where would a mortar be most useful? Where the enemy will massively be coming in/stuck as it deals splash damage. Archers can only attack one army at a time so placing them within radius of your walls will allow them to pick off armies trying to come into your base. Same goes for cannons. Place them in areas that they’ll easily be able to pick off armies, and they’ll take armies down incredibly quickly at early levels. If you have spare money you aren’t using after battles, upgrade your walls too to make sure your enemy spends more time and resources breaking into your base.

As long as you follow some of these tips and try your own base design, you should be fairly safe in Clash of Clans. If you attack lots of people, expect to be revenge attacked back quite often. Hopefully your base will fare well! It will only get better as you progress through the levels and unlock new defenses.

The best strategy for upgrading town hall level 8

All Clash of Clan players know that upgrading town hall 8 is one of the most important aspects of the game. There are many new structures and defenses introduced at this stage and you need to use your builders wisely to get the maximum use out of them. Building up the defenses of your main resources should be the highest priority right now. Once this is done, go ahead with upgrades to towers, mortars, cannons and other weapons. Here is step-by-step guide to achieving this in the most effective manner.

1. Upgrade Laboratory and Clan Castle

This is the first task that must be completed. Assign one of the builders to these tasks. It is only by upgrading the laboratory to Level 6 that you will be able to get all upgrades for Archer, Barbarian, Goblin and other characters.

The Clan Castle upgrades are essential in order to improve your defensive strength. Apart from that, you can also store greater quantity of loot.

2. Build Extra Walls for Improving Defense

The first thing you will need to decide is how many layers of walls need to be created. This depends a lot on how you upgrade your major resources. There are two methods you can follow for this:

a. Strictly speaking, at this stage of the game, it is enough to have just two storage points for your main resources (Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage). This is because no building at this stage needs more resources than what are provided by two points of storage. If you decide to follow this strategy, then all you need to upgrade is three layers of wall to protect these resources. However, there is another method you can employ.

b. Some players prefer using three points of storage instead of the usual two. While it may seem like a waste, there is one big advantage with this. What happens with three storage point is that it becomes much harder for opponents to loot your resources. This is because of the loot cap system that prevents the opponent form taking more than 300k of Gold and Elixir. If it spread out over two points, then the enemy will get only 150k and if it is over three points, then only 100k.

As you can see, both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that best suits your style of play. If you follow the first strategy then three layers of wall should be enough to protect your resources. For the second method, you will need to build more walls.

3. Add new defensive structures like Archer Tower, Defense Tower and Wizard Tower

You can use two builders to accomplish these tasks, as they will require a little more effort. Once you have got all the new structures, rearrange the entire base to make it defensively as strong as possible.

Town Hall 8

4. Make all dark-elixir updates

The drill needs to be built and upgraded immediately. While this may seem counterintuitive, remember that Dark elixir is easily your best resource when it comes to Town Hall 8. And the drill will help in producing a sizable amount of it. Generally it take you about 2-3 months to get all your upgrades in Town Hall 8. So if the drill is up and ready early, then you will be produce more than 65,000 dark elixir.

The first step is to build and upgrade the dark elixir drill. After that make sure that you upgrade the Dark elixir storage structure. Again this may seem unnecessary because there is no way that you will reach the maximum Dark elixir storage cap. But this upgrade is to ensure that your Dark Elixir resource is kept safe. After all, you are going to be hit by lightning spells on a regular basis. A higher level of the storage structure will ensure that you do not end up losing as much elixir.

5. Upgrading Walls to Crystal Type

This upgrade will only be possible during the last stages of Town Hall Level 8. By now you would have more than enough resources and should be able to upgrade all your walls to the crystal type. Start from the inner wall and slowly keep the upgrades going outwards. If possible, surround the Wizard Towers with crystal type walls as this benefit you a lot during raids and attacks.

Unit list part 2

Once you reach level 7 in Clash of Clans, you’ll notice that you have the dark barracks unlocked. This may seem new and exciting, but you may be wondering “What do all of these dark units do, and how can I use them well if they cost so much?”

In this unit list, just like the normal unit list we’ve put together, we’ll briefly describe what the unit does, and then go into detail about how you can use that unit for the maximum effectiveness. It’s no fun to unlock new units and have absolutely nothing to do with them, so after reading this article you’ll be able to utilize your new dark barracks units like never before! Now let’s delve into the six dark barracks units in the game.


clashofclanstips-minionsThe minion is the most popular dark unit, and for a good reason. Right when you unlock the dark barracks, you’ll be able to purchase minions. For some army strategies, the minion can be quite useful. It only takes 45 seconds to train, and costs significantly less dark elixir to make than all of the other dark units. For this reason alone, minions can be worth using, as dark elixir is incredibly hard to get.

Minions fly through the air at a very quick pace. Although they are quick, they don’t have a whole lot of health, so make sure you take note of this before sending a singular minion in to take something out. Unlike Dragons or Healers though, you don’t need to worry about air defenses taking out your minions. If you send a few in, the air defense won’t be able to take them all out, as an air defense can only target one unit at a time.

The best way to use minions in our opinion is to combine them with balloons once you’re a town hall level 9. Send in the balloons to take out enemy air defenses and other structures, and then send in the minions to finish up the job. It works wonders; once you’re level 9, be sure to try out this strategy.

Hog Riders

clashofclanstips-hog-riderHog Riders are essentially another form of giants, except they deal a ton more damage and can jump straight over walls. Hog Riders are best when you can group a few of them together, but sometimes this can be a huge problem due to the fact that dark elixir is very hard to produce. If you’re trying to trophy hunt though, and have the dark elixir, it’s definitely not a bad idea to train a few hog riders and healers, and just head into battle with a huge, destructive army that is also supported by a healing spell.

It’s very common to see players during clan wars using Hog Riders, since they’re able to completely decimate enemy forces quickly. Although the trade off between the dark elixir spent and the dark elixir earned isn’t really worth it, sometimes the trophies can be.


clashofclanstips-valkyrieValkyries are essentially a hugely upgraded version of barbarians that take up eight spaces in an army camp. Like the other dark barracks units we’ve covered so far, the valkyrie is incredibly powerful, but costs a lot. With most dark units, you never wonder how effective the unit will be, it’s moreso if it’s worth the cost of the dark elixir.

Valkyries are incredibly good for taking out enemy bases in a quick amount of time, but most of the time you want to use other supporting troops along with the valkyrie. Try dropping down a few valkyries near a barbarian king to take out the enemy’s hero early in the attack. This will speed up the rest of the attack and make it so you end up using a lot less other units to finish up the job.

This is one of the only really effective things you can use a valkyrie for. Yes, they have a ton of health and deal lots of damage, but the dark elixir trade off isn’t really worth it unless you’re trophy hunting.


Golems are pretty much, without going into too much detail, an upgraded giant. They can sustain tons of damage and keep going on. The best part about golems is that when they die, they’ll split into two “golemites” that will keep going around destroying enemy forces for you. Like giants, balloons, and hog riders, golems will only target attacking enemy forces.

They will not gather resources for you. Like giants, however, golems do not deal a whole lot of damage. You’ll want to send in a few witches, archers, or wizards along with the golems to make sure they go to full use. There isn’t really an exclusive golem strategy, but use them similar to the way you’d use giants, and you’ll learn to love golems in no time.


clashofclanstips-witchThe witch is one of the neatest units in the game. It’s a shame that it costs so much, as it’s just so incredibly fun to use. With the witch you’ll be able to summon units that have already died in battle as skeletons. If you can learn how to use witches properly (it takes some getting used to), they’ll easily become your favorite unit. The damage you can do with witches and dead units alone is absolutely insane.

When using a witch, position it behind your other troops, as it can’t sustain much damage. Protect it like you’d protect a healer, for example. A good way to use witches is to send in a few giants and wall breakers at first to deal some initial damage, then throw down a few witches and have them start summoning up some skeletons for you.

The skeletons will aid the giants in destroying the enemy forces, and all you have to do is sit back and watch. One thing we’d recommend watching out for is upgrading your witch. Right now (as of the date of this publication), there’s no actual upgrade for witches. There is no difference between level one and two.

Lava Hounds

clashofclanstips-lava_houndLava hounds aren’t as fun as witches, but they’re still pretty cool. Their only focus is to take out air defenses, but they do an amazing job at taking them down. As soon as all the air defenses are gone, they’ll focus on other defenses. Like the golem, when a lava hound dies, it’ll split into two different units called “lava pups”. If there was one way to describe lava hounds, it’d be like an air defense meat shield. The lava hound will soak up a ton of damage, and when it’s killed it deals splash damage then splits into two more units.

If you’re going to use lava hounds, try sending two at a time, so air defenses have to choose between one or the other, allowing them to survive for longer periods of time as the air defenses can’t focus on just one. All in all, the dark barracks are more for fun and trophy hunting than actually gathering resources. If you have spare dark elixir, you’re going to spend it on some dark units because they’re just so much fun to play with.

Every time you get dark elixir you’re going to look forward to using witches to destroy an enemy’s base. Be sure to play around with each of these units once you unlock them, as they can be great for clan wars in the future, as well as completely decimating enemy bases if you want trophies. Hopefully this unit list provided you with adequate information on the six dark units!

Clash of Clans – Unit List

If you plan on playing Clash of Clans for a while, you’ll want to get a good grasp on the units you’ll be going into battle with. A good amount of your time on the game isn’t spent farming elixir and gold with your mines and elixir collectors, but rather with battle. If you know how to properly use your troops, there is no limit to what you can do in Clash of Clans. You can fill up your elixir and gold storage in a matter of minutes if you attack properly and use your troops effectively.

If you’re a new player, or want to know more about troops you already have, this unit list will definitely be able to aid you in choosing the right troops for combat, as well as choosing good troops to pair together when attacking an opponent. We’ll go in-depth about every single normal unit in the game. Surely by the time you finish reading through this list, you’ll have a good grasp on every single normal troop in the game, and you’ll be ready to dive straight into battle on Clash of Clans. Throughout this unit list we’ll give little tips and hints for using the troops as well so you’ll be able to get the maximum effectiveness out of each troop. Without further ado, let’s move onto the list!

Barracks Units

Tier 1:


clashofclanstips.org-barbarianThe first unit you’ll unlock in Clash of Clans is the barbarian. You’re likely very familiar with the barbarian if you’ve even tried combat at all, and this unit doesn’t have a whole lot of neat stuff involved with it so we won’t go too far into detail about the barbarian. It’s a fairly basic unit that runs and attacks. Nothing too special with the barbarian. It will take 20 seconds to make a barbarian, which makes it one of the easiest units to produce in the game.

Barbarians are useful for attacking at a basic level, but if your opponent has wizard towers or mortars set up, it’s strongly advised to not use barbarians, as they’ll all be taken out easily by enemy forces with splash damage. If your opponent doesn’t have a wizard tower or mortar set up, barbarians are extremely useful and can plow through enemy forces in no time if you unleash a lot of them.


clashofclanstips.org-archerArchers are the second unit you’ll unlock, and are one of the more intriguing early-game plays you can use when attacking your enemies. Unlike the barbarian, with archers you can attack at a distance, making them a bit more useful if you know how to use them properly. To get the best use out of archers, try using them not to attack the opponent in a brute-force kind of way, but moreso in a sneaky way, as archers have very little health.

They are killed incredibly easily so you need to use them in a smart fashion. If you can learn to get the most out of your archers, they can help you rack up tons of trophies, elixir, and gold in the earlier levels of Clash of Clans.

A good way to utilize your archers is to send in a few troops to distract enemy forces at first, and then drop archers near the enemy forces to take out whatever’s attacking your other troops. The archers will have an easy go at the enemy forces, and while your other armies take some damage, the archers will remain primarily unscathed. Try using giants, goblins, or giants for this in the early phases of the game and you won’t regret it. You’ll rack up trophies incredibly quickly if you can find out how to do this right.


clashofclanstips.goblinGoblins are what you’d assume them to be. They’re fast, and greedy, just like they are when depicted in movies or books. The goblin is the fastest unit in the entire game, but you can’t use a goblin to take out enemy attacking forces. Goblins will only go for resources, and will completely ignore the fact that they’re being shot at if they are. A Goblin can be face to face with a cannon, for example, and will just run past to try to get to resources.

Like barbarians, goblins are very prone to splash damage. They have low health and can be taken down by a few hits from a mortar or wizard tower. Goblins can be useful for many things though, even later in the game, where they actually can become more useful. As soon as you can upgrade your goblins, be sure to do so. You will not regret it.

As your goblin forces get stronger, they’ll decimate enemy forces in seconds. Send them in with a few giants and archers to take out enemy forces, and you have yourself a very basic, early-game strategy. Later in the game, use goblins with the rage and healing spell and watch them go to town on your enemy’s walls. They’ll be gone in as little as a second.

Tier 2


clashofclanstips.giantAs you’ll notice with all of the tier 2 units, they’re more specialized than the tier 1 or (later on) the tier 3 units. The giant does what you’d expect it to do. They have tons of health, and are basically used as a juggernaut capable of sustaining huge amounts of damage. The giant is one of the most dangerous units in Clash of Clans if used properly. You can use a giant in the early stages of the game to distract enemy attacking forces while your barbarians, goblins, or archers promptly take out the rest of the enemy forces.

Giants are best when paired with goblins, archers, and wall breakers. Although giants are very strong and can take a lot of damage, they don’t necessarily dish it out. That’s where wall breakers, archers, and goblins come in. Try sending in a giant or two along with some wall breakers. Let the wall breakers do the initial damage, destroying the enemy walls, and then have the giants walk straight through the holes the wall breakers left. After the giants have taken the attention of attacking enemy forces, send in your goblins and archers to clean up the rest.

Wall Breakers

clashofclanstips.wallbreakerLike the giant, the wall breaker is also a very specific unit with one main task in mind: taking out enemy walls. Wall breakers are just about the most useful supporting unit in the game, but you have to use them properly or they’ll be useless. If you can learn to time your wall breakers right, they can be the difference between a successful victory with a great trophy yield and a failed attack. Try to send them in between mortar strikes so they aren’t taken out easily.

To use wall breakers properly, send in a few other units beforehand. You want your wall breaker to make it to the enemy wall unscathed, and the only way to ensure this is to make sure the enemy forces are busy attacking other units. Try sending in a few barbarians, goblins, or giants as a “wall breaker sacrifice”, as we like to call it.

They may go down, but the wall will be destroyed in no time. After you have easy access into the enemy base, it’s game over for them. They won’t be able to stop you or slow you down any further. It’s worth losing a giant or two or a few barbarians/goblins if you’re able to get into the enemy base.


Once you unlock the balloon you might be ecstatic that you finally have something to take out those pesky enemy mortars and cannons, but sadly you’ll find that, putting it lightly, the balloon unit sucks at first. You’ll find that it’s immensely slow, deals little to no damage, and frankly isn’t worth the 8 minutes it takes to train it.

We’d suggest upgrading your balloons a few times before actually using them. Feel free to try them out once just to see what we’re talking about, but after that we’d recommend staying far away from the balloons until you can take the time to upgrade them to level five. Once they’re at level five they become pretty stellar to use.

Try using balloons with the rage spell for maximum effectiveness. A level five or six balloon with the rage spell can do some serious damage to enemy forces. They’ll be moving incredibly quickly, and destroying anything your enemy has in their way in seconds as long as they’re upgraded to level five or above. Try taking 5 or so balloons, equipping them with the rage spell, and watching what they can do. It’s a real treat, and it’s one of the best ways you can use balloons in the game.


clashofclanstips.wizardIf you liked the archer, you’re going to love the wizard. The wizard is essentially similar to the archer, except on steroids. They have more health, deal more damage, and let’s be real, wizards look a lot cooler than archers too. You can utilize wizards in a lot of the same ways that you used your archers, but they’ll just get the job done better. They do cost a little over 4 times the elixir that an archer does, and they take eight minutes to train, but if you can get over the cost, you’ll find yourself loving the wizard.

Try pairing up the wizard with a few giants or P.E.K.K.As to enforce the maximum amount of damage on your opponent. Send in the supporting juggernauts to protect your wizards, and let them do the damage. Another great strategy is to drop a few wizards, along with two healers to keep them afloat. This is a great strategy as enemy forces simply will not be able to take down your army.

You’ll run right through the enemy. They won’t even know what hit them. One thing you’ll want to watch out for with wizards is giant bombs. To avoid this, simply scatter your wizards a bit, instead of dropping them all in the same spot.

Tier 3


clashofclanstips.healerHealers are just about the most useful supporting unit in the game. They do exactly what it sounds like they do: they heal any units surrounded by them. The main thing you need to watch out for with healers, as they’re fairly easy to use, is just air defenses. There isn’t a whole lot that can take out a healer, but air defenses will obliterate healers in as little as seconds, and that’s just no fun.

To take out air defenses, and keep your healers alive, try sending in a basic attack to take out the air defenses first, then send in the healer(s) and some wizards later on to clean up the rest of the enemy forces. A wall breaker, a few barbarians, and a few giants is definitely enough to take out an air defense or two.

After you take out the air defenses your healers will be able to keep the rest of your army afloat until they’ve taken out whatever is left to be taken out. The best way to learn how to use the healer is by experience though. Make sure to use it lots after you unlock it, and you’ll find yourself loving this unit in no time!


clashofclanstips.dragonThe dragon is like the balloon and wizard combined, in a way. Like the healers, the main objective before using dragons is to take out air defenses, and then send the dragons in. Air defenses will take out dragons in no time, but if there is no air defenses in the way, dragons will decimate your opponents with their crazy amounts of damage.

Dragons are moreso used to gain trophies rather than elixir or gold, as they take forever to produce (30 minutes), and cost a lot to produce as well. Dragons are one of the best units to use to grab trophies though. Take a few dragons, and utilize a lightning spell to take out enemy air defenses, and your dragons will be able to wipe out anything else in their way.


clashofclanstips.pekkaP.E.K.K.As are the last unit you’ll unlock in the normal barracks. They are also one of the most devastating units, if used properly. They can take out enemy bases incredibly quickly, and are by far the most powerful non-dark ground unit. They deal between 600 and 950 damage per hit, so they’ll take out just about anything in a few hits. The only thing that can really stop P.E.K.K.As are hidden teslas, as they’ll deal twice as much damage to P.E.K.K.As because of the unique armor they have.

To utilize this unit in the best way possible, try using them in pairs to decimate enemy walls incredibly quickly. The walls will go down in seconds, even they’re upgraded fully. Try using a few pairs of P.E.K.K.As all around an enemy base, equipping them with a rage spell, and watching them disintegrate a base quickly. It’s ridiculous if you think about when you started the game with your level 1 barbarians, now to think that you have these crazy units that can take down the best of walls in literally no time.


Well there you have it! There are the ten normal units in Clash of Clans. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll know how to use every unit to your advantage, and you’ll know what each unit does, and what they’re effective at. If you aren’t at the point in the game where you’ll have all of these units at your disposal, be sure to look forward to the time when you do. The game is a lot more fun once you have more damaging units that you can use in more ways than you’d ever imagine.

Basic defence strategy

Clan castles

The clan castle is undoubtedly the most important defense structure, but only when it is situated in a strategic location, which ideally should be at the center of your base. When enemy units are within its range, your own troops can bust out of it and counterattack them. By locating your clan castle outside of the base, the enemy can effortlessly draw out your units out of it and ultimately vanquish them. On the other hand, a centrally located castle forces the enemy units to take heavy damage from the units you’ve placed inside it. As well as your other defense structures while attempting to infiltrate your base.


Building walls is also an especially good clash of clans defense strategy that presents diverse benefits. In essence walls are utilized to fashion formidable barriers around your vital resources storage areas and defense structures. This obviously means that the enemy’s troops must first breach them to effectually access these places. To which end, wall placement happens to be extremely important in this game as the enemy units can be deployed just 2 empty spaces from any of these structures.

A large square wall leaves a lot of leeway at the center of your base, which the enemy will naturally exploit. 4-way intersection also allow the enemy to breakdown just the midpoint and easily infiltrate the areas within the wall.Ideally, you should build multiple walls around your resources storage points and defense structures. This forces the enemy to break through them, which gives your defense towers sufficient time to impede their onslaught.

Archer towers

The exact positioning of your archer towers can make or break your clash of clans defense strategy in ways you could never fathom. These structures deal single target damage, and while they may not offer more DPS than cannons, they have a much longer range. As well as possessing the capability of hitting both enemy ground and aerial units. You should hence spread them out around your base’s perimeter, and even pair them with cannons. Which ensures that the latter can’t be easily sniped by the enemy’s air troops.


These are very powerful defense structures that provide for the first source of splash damage in this game. While they may be a bit slow, they still fire high damage rounds that explode on impact, which can obliterate entire enemy units caught between the blast. Despite this, they are powerless against enemy troops that succeed to get in close proximity to them.

Consequently, an excellent clash of clans defense strategy is to place them within the base and build walls around them. You should also pair them with air defense towers to safeguard them from aerial attacks.

Air defense towers

These structures are primarily designed to fend off the enemy’s air units. They possess the highest DPS among all defense structures in this game. And they are particularly crucial in dealing with dragons and healers. You should spread them out within your base, which protects them and also enables them to cover a wide area of the base.

Inferno towers

Finally, inferno towers can be a key part of an effective clash of clans defense strategy, but only in advanced levels. They are powered by dark elixir, and enemy troops target by them cannot be healed. You should place at the heart of your base, which ensures they are the very last line of defense.

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4 Great tips for Clash of Clans

Once you have played Clash of Clans for some time, you will look for some Clash of Clans secrets, hacks, tips and strategies. This valuable information will help you enjoy the game more, and overcome obstacles easily. In this post, we have discussed some excellent secrets regarding this fun and entertaining game.

Clash of Clans Strategy

Town Hall

Before you upgrade to the next Town Hall, you should take your time. You should never rush into upgrading the game. It’s important to max out your buildings and defenses for the Town Hall level before you move on to the next. This is one of the most important tips for the game.

If you rush to the next level, it can slow you down, and even crush you at times. Therefore, it’s important to take all the time you need to completely max out your resources before moving on to the next level. This approach will also make the raids more remunerative. Moreover, you won’t be penalized much.

This approach is even more important when you’re going from Town Hall level 7 to 8. You need to be maxed out and strong before you reach this level. Most players consider this the toughest transition in the game. If you are playing with an undeveloped Town Hall level 7, it will bog you down.

Raid Inactive Players

Though this is not a huge secret, it’s always worth mentioning. When you’re planning to raid, you will want a massive loot. A good way to accomplish this task is to look for some inactive players with full Elixir and Gold Mines collectors.

It’s easy to look for inactive players. They don’t have any League Assignment next to the name. This will lead to an easy raid, and a huge payout. Moreover, their Clan Castle will also be empty. Even when you need to skip over 30 bases to find such players, it’s worth it. Some players even win over 1 million in a single raid from these inactive players.


The Revenge feature is perhaps one of the most overlooked Clash of Clans secrets. With this feature, it’s possible to inspect the attacker’s village anytime, and even wait for him to gather numerous resources.

The Revenge feature also allows you to see how much the attacker’s got in his reserves. In addition to this, you can also inspect the Clan Castle, and learn how many troops it holds. When used well, your defense log can act as a gold mine.

Load up Barracks

Last but not the least, it’s better to load up barracks with some expensive guys before logging out. It’s worth mentioning that every penny you spend on the barracks can be refunded afterwards. Thus, your elixirs will be protected.

It’s perfect to use Wall Breakers to fill up your barracks. They occupy only 2 slots, and cost just 3000 elixirs at level 5. In order to get 4 maxed out barracks, you will need 900,000 elixirs. This will be great security for such huge assets. Before you log out, it’s important to fill up your army camp. The same can be done with Dark Barracks. You can even fill them with hog riders.

Hog Rider Attack Strategy

Hog RiderThe Hog Rider attack is a popular and powerfull strategy. It requires some knowledge to use, but with its power, its definitely worth learning. Your troop will mainly consist of Hog Riders, and this troop should be used if you want to farm trophies and get into the high-end leagues. The setup costs alot of Dark Elixir, so will not be able to spend that on other than your troops while using this strategy. If your goal is to farm resources, you should try one of the cheaper strategies. For example the Barbarian-Archer or BAM.

When you train this troop, go for 15 barbarians and the rest should be Hog Riders. Your clan castle should be filled with Wizards. This is important as your wizards will be used to clear out the enemy clan castle, hero and queen.

When you use the Hog Rider attack Strategy, your first task is to empty the enemy Clan Castle. Do that with your 15 barbarians. First, simply agro and drag the enemy troop out of the clan castle and to an very edge of the map. Then spawn the rest of your barbarians and your clan castle (at this point, also consider to use your hero and archer queen). This should basicly oneshot the enemy troop (clan castle). When these units are cleared, you should simply spawn all of your hog riders. Use healing spells when they reach 50% to fill them back up to 100%. Check out the video below for a full explaination and usefull tips.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strength of this setup, is that the Hog Riders ignore walls. You dont have to mind the high level walls of your enemies, as your troop will simply jump over them. They also deal quite alot of damage and with a few healing spells they will survive for the whole battle.

The weakness of this setup is that it takes a while to produce a full troop of Hog Riders. It takes 2 minutes to train a Hog Rider, but compared to the normal Barracks, you only have 2 Dark Barracks. It’s also weakness that it will use most of your Dark Elixir. You should also be aware that this strategy requires high level Hog Riders.

Which bases to attack

As mentioned already, you shouldnt be scared of the enemies walls. Your troop will simply jump over them. Try to find bases where you can drag out and empty the Clan Castle.  A Clan Castle full of Wizards could wipe your whole troop off in seconds.

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Videos about the Hog Rider attack strategy

This video explain how to use the Hog Rider attack strategy in details.

Update 16/09 – Lava Hound

Patch Day

Today is a patch-day and Supercell has just released a new patch (version 6.253.4)! They have done some interesting changes that we will look at in this post. They also introduced a brand new troop unit called Lava Hound. Overall it’s an interesting patch, so lets get started!

Lava Hound

The empty troop squares in the Dark Barracks menu have stated that new troop unites will “come soon” for a long while. In this patch Supercell introduced the Lava Hounds. It’s an Dark Barracks unit that requires Dark Elixir. A level one Dark Hound costs 390 Dark Elixir and takes 30 Housing Space. This unit favorite targets Air Defenses – and is the only unit that has Air Defenses as a single favorite. The Lava Hound itself does not deal much damage (10 DPS at level 1), but it has loads of health (5700 as level 1). This means that it will be a really good unit to use together with your air troop units, and the Lava Hound will work as a meatshield. The Lava Hound requires Dark Barracks at level 6 and a Town Hall of level 9.


Increased Levels

This patch also added a few new levels to both troop units and buildings. Barbarian and Archers maximum level is now increased to level 7. The Archer Tower has increased its maximum level to 13 and the Dark Elixir Barracks has increased its maximum level to 6. Keep in mind that when you increase the troopunit level, they also increase in price.

Wall Improvements

Finally! Yes, this have been on the wishlist amoung the players for a while. Finally, we can use elixir to upgrade walls. But they have to be level 6 or above, before we can use elixir to pay the upgrades. This patch also made it possible to upgrade rows of walls at once, instead of clicking one-by-one.

Battle Playbacks

Supercell have now added a Pause button to the battle replays. This does not work if your watching a Clan War Battle “live”.

Other patch notes

  • Hero regeneration time has been reduced
  • Valkyrie training time has been reduced.
  • Your now able to dismisss troop units (from Army Camps and Clan Castles)
  • You can produce spells in mixed orders.

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Lava Hound Video

Check out this interesting Youtube clip of an Lava Hound Attack.

Barbarian and Archers strategy

barb-archersThe Barbarian and Archers strategy is used to farm loads of resources in short time. It’s one of the oldest strategies in the game and still amazing! The troop is fast to produce and let you attack rapidly. It’s perfect if you have some spare time and want to farm loads of resources.

You should create about 50-50% of Barbarians and Archers. It can also be good to create a few more archers than barbarians.

You can also add Wall Breakers to the Barbarian and Archers setup.

The idea is to let the barbarians tank damage while the archers stand behind and deal damage.

Strenght and weaknesses

The strenght of this setup is that you can do attacks very often and farm alot of resources in short time. The setup is strong compared to the price of the troop.

The weakness of this setup is definitely splash damage. Mortars and Wizard Towers is your biggest threat. To counter this you can consider to use Lightning Spell to take out Mortars or a Healing Spell to take out Wizard Towers. Simply spawn the Healing Spell on your troop next to the Wizard Tower to easily take them out.

Its often good to focus on one side of the base. Choose the side closest to the resources and with low splash damage. Drag a line of barbarians and then a line of archers. Repeat if needed. At lower level and small bases you can easily drag barbarians around the whole base and then rounds with archers and watch them eliminate the base from all sides.

Which bases to attack

First of all, dont be afraid of clicking “next”. If the enemy has low resources, just click next till you find a new one. Personally I dont take anyone with less 100.000+ resources/gold, unless I’m in a hurry.

Easy bases to attack, are these who line up their gold mines and elixir pumps in a line outside their walls. Simply drag a line of Barbarians and then a line of Archers and the resources will be yours!

You can also take the resources stored in middle of their base, but you have to be aware of their splash damage. Try to take them down first. Remember that you dont have to spawn all the Barbarians and Archers at once, you can send them in waves.

Overall this is great strategy to gain loads of resources. With boosted barracks you can easily farm 1.000.000+ gold and elixir in ONE hour.

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Videos about the barbarian and archers strategy

#1 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker. 405.000 gold / 406.000 elixir[youtube id=”rZUNC8NwUlc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#2 Barb/Archer + Rage Spell . 219.000 gold / 235.000 elixir[youtube id=”U2S5r-OQVtg” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

#3 Barb/Archer + Wall Breaker and Healing Spell . 180.000 gold / 177.000 elixir[youtube id=”O20bfEhu8C0″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

If you have anything to add or got any questions: just shout out in the commentfield. Thanks for reading!